Mabig Film Festival 2021

❉ Andreea Boyer’s second Annual Mabig Film Festival presented national and international award-winning films.

Ricardo Molina at Mabig Film Festival 2021 with Andreea Boyer.

Augsburg, Germany: The Mabig Film Festival, founded and organized by Festival Director Andreea Boyer, held its second annual event on October 11, 2021. Despite the difficult coronavirus environment, Ms. Boyer was able to successfully hold the festival again this year, in compliance with COVID-19 safety measures.

Filmmakers and actor Fynn Zinapold (far right) with Festival Director Andreea Boyer (centre of front row).

There was a touch of Hollywood as national and international filmmakers were welcomed at Augsburg’s stylish Il Gladiatore restaurant, hotel and wine bar, where they presented their works. The event was ceremoniously opened at 5:00 P.M. and ended around midnight with numerous pleased filmmakers receiving one or more awards. After the films were shown, they were discussed and philosophized at length by the filmmakers and guests.

Holger Borggrefe at Mabig Film Festival 2021 with Andreea Boyer.

Ms. Boyer is happy about every single submission received and award presented. One of the noteworthy winners was the short film The Sands of Time by director James Hughes, who has already filmed for Hollywood studios and is a spokesperson for BAFTA Crew in London. Mr. Hughes was awarded for “Best Drama Film” and “Best Director.” His previous films have now been shown at 250 film festivals, including Oscar and BAFTA qualifying festivals.

Till Vill at Mabig Film Festival 2021 with Andreea Boyer.

Las Vegas filmmaker and engineer Dilip Khatri from Khatri International was happy to personally congratulate all young filmmakers in a video. Mr. Khatri picked up his award personally and had a great time from 14 – 17 October at the IL Gladiatore and in the city of Augsburg. Andreea showed him the city and took many photos together. As a surprise, Mr. Khatri was the organizer for Andreea Boyer’s 26th birthday party on October 16, which Andreea was very happy and grateful that Mr. Khatri celebrated with her.

Above: Mr Dilip Khatri congratulates all filmmakers of Mabig Film Festival 2021.

A short film shown from the neighbouring country of Austria, which had already received 17 awards internationally, Richtungswechs or in English; Change of Course, was presented by director Andreas Ortner and honoured with an award. The actor and filmmaker from Styria was able to look forward to awards for two of his films shown that evening. Der kritische Zeitzeuge wurde (in English; The Critical Eyewitness) received the “Best Experimental/Social Short Film” award and the comedy short film Der Waldläufer (The Ranger), which was also submitted, received the “Best Comedy Short Film” award.

Martina Martinz and Andreas Ortner in ‘Change of Course’, Mabig Film Festival 2021.

External, a film from the USA by directing duo Jonathan and Leandro Taub won for “Best Feature Film” and “Best Actor.” Unfortunately, James Hughes, Jonathan and Leandro Taub, and Andreas Ortner could not be present at the festival, but they were very happy about their awards.

Andreea Boyer with Matthias Pachner at Mabig Film Festival 2021.

Other films and awards presented at the festival:

Always Keep Positive by director Till Vill won for “Best Comedy Short Film.”

The Glow in the Night by director Natalie Meyer won for “Best Student Feature Film.”

Two is a Magic Number by directors Holger Borgrefe and Stefan Hering won for “Best Feature Film.”

No Exit by director Christoph Carle won for “Best Thriller Short Film.”

Little Paper Dream by director Eve Wiemer won for “Best Animated Short Film.”

In Dubio by director Ricardo Molina won for “Best Experimental Short Film.”

100 Meters by director Matthias Pachner won for “Best Student Short Film.”

How do you Become a Politician? by director Maximilian Auer won for “Best Documentary Film.”

After the long evening, Ms. Andreea Boyer was clearly happy that the festival could be held successfully again this year and that there were many proud and joyous winners present. Ms. Boyer stated; “I am grateful for the numerous submissions and the interesting and varied films that could be shown. Now I am reviewing everything in peace and looking forward to the next tasks.“

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