Louise Jameson enters the World of Iris Wildthyme!

❉ Beloved actress Louise Jameson reads the first tale from Paul Magrs’ Iris Wildthyme & Friends collection.

There are demons and dons afoot in the first Iris Wildthyme & Friends audiobook adaptation from Big Finish…

It’s the 1930s, and in the medieval university town of Darkholmes, Professor Cleavis and his literary friends, the Smudgelings, are conjuring up monsters from other dimensions through their work. Witches, demons and gargoyles are mixing with the dons and their frustrated wives – and a mysterious and unusual housemaid called Brenda…

Released today, Fellowship of Ink is written by Paul Magrs and narrated by beloved Doctor Who actress Louise Jameson. Set in the mysterious Darkholmes, it follows the literary group, the Smudgelings, as they read and discuss dark and magical stories set in worlds beyond their own – but the fabric of space and time is wearing thin…

Louise recording Fellowship of Ink. Photo © Big Finish.

Narrator Louise Jameson said: “The Fellowship of Ink is a mixture of fusty University life, quirky friendships and fantastically imagined other worlds. So full of twists and turns!”

This is the first release of the Iris Wildthyme & Friends collection, comprising five audiobooks all set in the worlds of Iris Wildthyme and due to be released across May – October 2021. These are adaptations of original novels by writer Paul Magrs published between 2011 and 2017.

❉ ‘Iris Wildthyme & Friends: Fellowship of Ink’ is available as a digital download at £9.99, exclusively from the Big Finish website.

❉ Big Finish listeners can also save money by ordering Iris Wildthyme & Friends bundle deals for releases across 2021, including Fellowship of Ink and 666 Charing Cross Road for £16 (download only), Enter Wildthyme, Wildthyme Beyond and Iris Wildthyme and the Polythene Terror for £25 (download only) or all five titles as a bundle at £40 (download only).

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