‘Lost’ Python sketch found again, again.

❉ The Gay News Archive Project is currently digitising the archives of groundbreaking LGBT paper Gay News.

The Gay News Archive Project is currently digitising the archives of the groundbreaking 1970s LGBT+ newspaper Gay News.

The magazine was founded with help from Monty Python luminary Graham Chapman, who contributed articles on venereal disease amongst gay men of the time, making use of his medical degree, as well as some of his trademark surreal humour.

They’ve just reached the 13th edition, dated Christmas 1972. In this edition, Chapman told the magazine’s Editorial Collective (it was 1972, after all) about his trials with censorship at the BBC and contributed an original script of an Oscar Wilde parody from the third series of Monty Python’s Flying Circus including a cut section which has never resurfaced anywhere since.

The news item and script will be appearing on the Gay News Archive Project’s website over the course of the next few weeks, but We Are Cult has obtained both items from them for you to see now.

❉ Gay News had previously published an interview with Graham Chapman in August 1972. That interview can be seen on the Project’s website at http://gaynewsarchive.org/004/004-06/graham-chapman-interview/

News source: Gay News Archive Project, with grateful thanks.

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