Liz DaVinci trails new album with single ‘Joni Blue’

❉ Munich-based songwriter offers a first taste of her forthcoming concept album.

Released this Friday (July 24 2020), Joni Blue is singer-songwriter Liz DaVinci’s first song release in over a year and is taken from her forthcoming concept album. You can check out the single on Spotify:

Liz Davinci was born and raised in California and currently lives in Munich, Germany. Her energetic and dynamic songs, honest voice and soft lyrical touch culminate to achieve an intimacy in her music. For Liz, songwriting is a necessity, an expression and an attempt to evoke affinity in listeners. Her voice has been called “haunting and beautiful”.

Her first album, Obstruction Destruction, was released in 2017, followed closely by the release of an EP entitled EEEEPIn 2018 Liz released a series of singles followed by her most professionally produced and musically daring release yet, the EP Contraband, which was released in May of 2019.

For the past six months an album has been coming together and it has developed from a handful of demos into a fully-fledged concept album, promising innovative trailers and experimental songs.

The album is divided into five “stages” as the protagonist, Victoria, moves through different experiences. The stages are, in order, “Contentment”, “Love”, “Love disappears”, “Revolution” and “Imprisonment”.

Talented crime fiction, noir and freelance writers such as Paul D. Brazill, Jim Shaffer, Mark McConville, Kate Laity and Underhatchet have prepared texts in line with these stages.

The album is planned to be a “happening” for the next six months as album trailers unfold and a few singles are released. “Joni Blue”, releasing July 24, 2020, is the first glimpse of the album and belongs to the stage “Contentment”.

Liz DaVinci says, “I hope you enjoy the first taste of what is to come.”

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