Liquid Sky Available on Blu-ray for the First Time Ever

❉ Featuring an Amazing 2 ½ Hours of Special Features!

“A two-hour act of imagination.”— Time Magazine (1982)

“Displays originality, color, rage, nonchalance, sly humor and ferocious fashion sense.” — New York Times (1982)

In one of the most memorable portraits of Manhattan’s early and, ultimately, dark ’80s new wave subculture, Liquid Sky (1982) is an iconic, underground science-fiction masterpiece, which had an indelible impact on pop culture, film, music and fashion.

Available for the first time ever on Blu-ray and highlighted by an acclaimed soundtrack, Liquid Sky will be available April 24 in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, featuring an amazing 2 ½ hours of special features that make it a must for fans and collectors.

Liquid Sky stars Anne Carlisle in an outstanding dual role as promiscuous, erotic and bisexual fashion model Margaret and her gay rival and nemesis, the androgynous Jimmy. The most successful independent film of 1982, Liquid Sky is seen as heavily influencing a club scene called electroclash, which emerged in the early 2000s in New York, Berlin, Paris and London.

In Liquid Sky – a term referring to heroin in the New York City slang of the day – aliens arrive in the city in miniature flying saucers in search of heroin. However, an experiment reveals that the chemical released in the human brain during orgasm is just as powerful, even preferable to the drug they crave. Hanging around the young Margaret’s apartment, the aliens are able to achieve their desired fix. However, Margaret’s numerous casual sex partners soon each begin to die a mysterious death.

Liquid Sky is a visually stunning film that delves heavily into the era’s world of fashion, club scene and prevalent drug use in the city that never sleeps and delivers an experience that will not disappoint.

Scanned and fully restored in 4k from the 35mm original negative, the Blu-ray edition of Liquid Sky brings back to life the visual mastery of director Slava Tsukerman and the avant-garde cinematography of Yuri Neyman. The film is presented in full screen, with an aspect ratio of 1:85:1 and DTS-HD master audio mono.

Bonus Features:

Director’s introduction and commentary track; interviews with Tsukerman and Carlisle; Alamo Drafthouse screening Q&A with Tsukerman, Carlisle and Clive Smith (co-composer); “Liquid Sky Revisited” (2017), a 50-minute, making-of feature; behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage; never-before-seen outtakes; isolated soundtrack; alternate opening sequence; photo gallery; reversible cover artwork by Derek Gabryszak; multiple trailers; and English SDH subtitles.

❉ ‘Liquid Sky’ Blu-ray/DVD Combo (2 Discs) is released by Vinegar Syndrome/OCN Digital Distribution on April 24, 2018. Rated: R. Running Time: 112 Minutes (Plus 160 Minutes Special Features). Suggested Retail Price: $32.98

❉ News source: Greenleaf And Associates/Vinegar Syndrome.

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  1. I take it that it’s not All Regions?
    I get so excited about some of these Blu releases… but… I’m in the States.

  2. It’s a great release, but I really think that the commentary is a missed opportunity. I don’t know why Vinegar Syndrome didn’t have a moderator to keep things going, because there are extremely long gaps of silence. Carlisle barely says anything, and I found that during certain key scenes in the movie, I kept waiting for them to say something–anything–but to no avail. Very few, if any, behind the scenes stories. Instead when we get something, it’s usually a technical comment from Tsukerman, who can be very hard to understand at times.

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