‘LAB RAT’ to be released on streaming platform Dust

A new sci-fi short film from award-winning Lebanese director Nour Wazzi.

Panacea Productions, RSSD Films and ChorMedia Film, in association with Bright Shadow Films and Storyhouse, are pleased to announce that following a successful festival run their award-winning sci-fi short, LAB RAT, receives its getting its global release on the streaming platform Dust on Thursday 9 July.

Starring an ensemble of emerging stars-in-the-making,  Kirsty Sturgess (Room For Two), Abeo Jackson (Escape from Babylon), Matthias Harris (The Crown), Sian Hill (Doctors) and Max Williams (Eastenders), Lab Rat questions what it means to be human in a world that intends to commodify love. What if real love could be built, packaged…and sold?’

Lab Rat is written, directed and produced by Nour Wazzi (BBC’s The Break), written by Matt Brothers (Temp), produced by Amanda Brennan (Dawn of the Deaf) and Neil Chordia (Urban Hymn) with music by BAFTA breakthrough Brit, RTS and BIFA nominated composer Nainita Desai (OSCAR nominee For Sama).

‘Lab Rat’ Still photography © Panacea Productions.

Set in a near future, a group of scientists are trapped in a lab and pitted against one another when they learn that one of them is an A.I. The experiment is orchestrated by a misanthropic lead scientist, whose protégé daughter finds herself questioning if her lover might be the A.I., and as the scientists turn on him, faces an impossible choice…

Nour Wazzi said; “I’m drawn to gripping films that keep you on the edge of your seat while being thought-provoking and evocative. LAB RAT draws from my tenuous relationship with my mother growing up as we touch on themes of identity, love and humanity – examining the human condition in a way that only science fiction can.”

‘Lab Rat’ Still photography © Panacea Productions.

Perpetuating a constant sense of dread, the film has a haunting complexion that remains with you. Just as the truth isn’t visible to the characters and everyone appears to be hiding something, the views are obscured so the audience doesn’t always see everything clearly either. In the voyeur-like world of Lab Rat, it reminds us that someone is always watching…

Lab Rat is backed by executive producers James Appleton, Omar Darwazah, Sami Moughrabie, Hadi El-Solh and Charlie Moretti.

‘Lab Rat’ is released on Dust from Thursday 9 July.

News source: Panacea Productions.

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