Keir releases new single ‘Time (Is A Healer)’

The singularly unique pop artist shares the video for his new single, out today.

Casually lifted from Keir’s astonishing self-titled debut album due in July 2023, Time (Is A Healer) is just about the most flip-yer-wig exciting slice of indie/techno electropop-soul you’re likely to encounter this side of Summer 2023. “Time is a very hopeful feeling,” says Keir. “But there is loss and very dark feelings in there too, especially in the start. It feels as though you are lost inside of someone else. Your previous life forgotten.”

From our perspective, we love the way Keir personifies Time as a woman: “Can you feel her? Giving back” he hollers gently – if anyone can holler gently, it’s Keir – sounding not unlike David McAlmont fronting a band that thinks it’s Underworld. We’ve got news for you: it’s just Keir! “After writing Time,” says Keir, “it has since become quite a crutch for me on days of darkness: to put it on loud in my headphones and walk around Bristol. My soul heals. I feel less lost. I think if someone can have an inch of that kind of feeling when listening to it, then what a beautiful thing. The song is a light in the darkness and a reminder that our traumas do not define us.”

Watch the video here:

Time (Is A Healer) utilizes a common theme running through much of Ker’s material – mental health. For four years, Keir acted as a support worker at Dimensions in Bath, working with people who have autism and severe learning difficulties. For the record, he absolutely loved it, feeling “a deep connection to the people we supported and the darkness they felt.” Keir thinks this is because struggles with mental health run in his family. “A family member was sectioned when she was younger,” says Keir now, “and there’s something about dark inner turmoil I’ve always found an affinity with. My intentions are not to glamourise darkness, but to shine a light towards it. Music is my way of connecting the dots I suppose.”

Bristol-based Keir is already receiving huge and enthusiastic support from Spotify playlists duvet day, The Lovely Little Playlist and BBC Introducing. Click HERE to read our interview with Keir.

❉ ‘Time Is A Healer’ is out 14th April 2023 through Vertigo/Universal. Keir’s self-titled debut album will be released in July 2023. Live dates in London, Bristol and Berlin will be announced soon.

❉ News source: Jane Savidge PR.

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