Karo Glazer & Zsud release protest single ‘Don’t Play The Fool’

❉ Karo Glazer aka ‘Lady Dynamite’ has teamed up with Electro Pop artist Zsu in support of Polish women.

“This song is a product of the Eastern European Academy and three women from different countries joining forces from Poland, Hungary and Estonia and is dedicated to our sisters in Poland fighting against the abortion ban, we are with you!”

As Polish women take to the streets to protest a near-total ban on abortion, 50 students of Eastern European Music Academy from 8 countries united in support of their Polish “virtual classmates” to release the single ‘Don’t Play the Fool’ as part of an international compilation.

Eastern European Music Academy united 50 students from the whole region to study and write music together over the last 3 months. This project became much bigger than just another online course, during the Summer, all the Belarus’ students received significant support from their peers. Later, October events inspired three female students from Poland, Hungary and Estonia to join forces fighting against the abortion ban in a creative way and write a girl power manifesto with a strong message.

“Don’t Play the Fool’ is the voice of all Polish women all around the world, so badly discarded by the Polish Government. When I was writing the lyrics, I had the current situation in my mind. I knew I had to write powerful lyrics to encourage people to fight for their rights. People in Poland call it war… and sadly I have to agree. It’s a war. But I’m proud of people marching on the streets. Polish women are changing the history of Poland here and now. They’re gonna fight, and they’re gonna win. That’s why ’’Don’t Play The Fool’ is one of the most important songs I’ve written in my life and it’s dedicated to all the heroes!”

—  Karo Glazer from Poland, a vocalist, composer and producer of the song.

Karo Glazer is a vocalist, composer and music producer. She is known for her stage highly energetic performances, girl power style, and for performing in a wide range of musical styles, including Pop, R&B, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Rock. She has recorded two solo albums which have been released internationally, she has played all over Europe, USA and Japan. In May of 2020 her talent was recognised  by Tom Waits and Coldplay, and she became one of the winners of the International Songwriting Competition. Throughout her career she’s collaborated with Lars Danielsson, Mike Stern, Joo Kraus and multiple Grammy-winning producer Martin Walters. She’s well known as a supporter of womens rights and is a motivational speaker, thanks to that she earned her nickname #LadyDynamite. In its ‘Crossing Project’ edition ‘Rzeczpospolita’ says: “And so a sparkle of new hope for Polish vocalism has been born. Her name’s Karo Glazer and it’s a name worth remembering and telling to your friends. You haven’t heard her? Do it. She’s our true singing asset and the best Poland has to offer”

Zsüd (Judit Vincze) is a producer, singer, songwriter. She loves experimenting with cinematic and electronic elements, with a Pop feel. She studied classical piano and music theory, after getting her Masters degree in engineering she returned to music from the electronic angle. She studied music production and sound design and is now is co-leader of imPro, Budapest School of Music and Technology. Her debut album is set for 2021.

Eastern European Music Academy 2020 is organized by a consortium of 8 organizations from 8 countries: Music Export Ukraine (Ukraine), MONOKEY (Lithuania), Tak Brzmi Miasto (Poland), Budapest Showcase Hub (Hungary), Music Export Latvia (Latvia), Mastering the Music Business (Romania), Music Estonia (Estonia), Mediacube (Belarus). Technical partner: Pibox (Ukraine/Finland).

Eastern European Music Academy is supported by the European Union under the House of Europe programme.

❉ Listen to Don’t Play The Fool – Karo Glazer & Zsud on SPOTIFY: https://bit.ly/DontPlaytheFool-Spotify

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