Jenn Vix is ‘Unlocked’

❉ Minimalist electronica meets gritty rock.

Based in Rhode Island, New York Jenn Vix is an American solo electronic/rock singer/songwriter, and producer. She has ventured into a number of other genres over her lengthy musical career including alternative rock, trip hop, darkwave, modern new wave and electro-industrial having worked with some notable names within those genres.

Vic started out in 1984, where she performed in a one-off, four-piece band, singing backing vocals, along with singer/songwriter Nicole Willis from The Soul Investigators and Adam Horowitz of The Beastie Boys fame, amongst others.

Vix’s first solo release was a self-titled album of eight tracks on her own label, Umbrella, and was officially released in January 1995, through a New York–based distributor. Later she became one of the first artists to be sold on the US-based online music site CD Baby, also earning a respectable 3.5 stars from Rolling Stone magazine who said, “Vix sounds perpetually enraptured. And the Rhode Island multi-instrumentalist has reason to be. Her music; clear, simple melodies awash in echo, is all dreaminess and shuddering, and from inside its swirl, her voice wafts up lightly. Catchy but otherwordly.”

Jenn presents her new video for Complicated Man, the lead track off her new Unlocked EP. The video was directed, produced and edited by Renan DeAraujo, a Brazilian filmmaker who loves to tell stories with light and rhythm. The video features Jenn Vix herself, along with the actor Michael French.

“My interpretation was to put Jenn’s personality on the screen, and in particular, the overall feeling of the track; a mysterious and delicate mood, at the same time. I was trying to express the character’s point of view,” said DeAraujo.

This five-track release sees Vix at her best. With weighty lyrics surrounding challenging personal experiences, her vocal delivery on Complicated Man has earned her comparisons to the likes of Siouxsie Sioux and Shirley Manson.

“I wanted to explore different sounds, and it felt good to do so. After my illness, it took me a year and a half to be able to even listen to music again. Change is scary, but it can also be refreshing. I recently had to burn a few bridges, but they say that the brightest light can come from the bridges you burn. I agree,” explains Vix.

At the moment Jenn’s music is where minimalist electronica meets gritty rock. It’s dark, yet has a funky vibe that sets her apart from her contemporaries. It is eminently listenable yet stays true to her Alternative sensibilities.

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❉ Ange Chan is a poet and novelist.  Her fourth poetry collection “Fame; What’s Your Name?” and her second novel “Baby, Can You Hear Me?” were both published in paperback and Kindle in 2016.  Her latest poetry collection “Songs of Sorrow and Heartbreak” will be published in October 2017 and her  third novel “Champagne Flutes and Pixie Boots” will be published in 2018.  

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