It’s the Swinging ’60s all day this Friday on Talking Pictures TV

❉ Talking Pictures TV’s 1960s Day is coming soon to a television near you.

It’s the Swinging ’60s this Friday (16 September) , all day on Talking Pictures TV. Featuring some great premieres: Cliff Richard musical Wonderful Life featuring Melvyn Hayes, Susan Hampshire, Una Stubbs, Gerald Harper and The Shadows; quirky rock and pop fantasy Gonks Go Beat featuring Kenneth Connor, Frank Thornton, Lulu, The Graham Bond Organisation and the Nashville Teens; and I Gotta Horse starring Billy Fury and Amanda Barrie.

Check out the Talking Pictures trailer:

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  1. Talking Pictures TV is often worth checking out for those of us who still recall Woolworth’s 10 quid Video Collection VHS range & mid/late 80’s Channel 4 with its Halliwell-curated film library. Fills in significant obscurity-gaps in one’s sentimental education. Over the past couple of months, I’ve ticked off several Goons-related obscurities (beware though folks! Their copy of Mukkinese Battlehorn lacks proper title credits & edits out Minnie Crun!) & finally scoped a viewing of the 1955 brit-anthol oddity Three Cases Of Murder. Keep a keen weather eye on it.

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