Introducing The Chronosmiths

❉ The Chronosmith Chronicles is the first original series from Altrix Books.

A new science fiction book series has launched today from publishing imprint Altrix Books. Titled The Chronosmith Chronicles, the series begins with After Vincent, a sci-fi/historical fiction novel penned by Altrix co-founder Paul Driscoll. Driscoll is best known for his work on Obverse Books’ Black Archive line — a critical exploration of Doctor Who episodes — as both a co-editor and regular writer.

Originally featured in a charity publication from Driscoll and co-creator Kara Dennison, the Chronosmiths have moved on to their own, completely original setting. In the universe of The Chronosmith Chronicles, time travel is heavily regulated and vigilante heroics are discouraged. Nonetheless, the time-travelling quartet — Mordicai, Savalia, Tor Fasa, and Kendo — have their own agenda as they explore this new world.

As Driscoll explains, “The Chronosmiths’ mission is to correct and respond to false and misleading history. This could be anything from a lie passed down within a single family to a myth that has propped up a centuries-old intergalactic war.” In After Vincent, readers will encounter their first such mission: visiting legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh, who has become the central figure in an 83rd century religion known as Goghianism.

Journeying across Vincent’s timeline, the Chronosmiths uncover the truth behind the myth and the man behind the paintings…

The story explores not only the nature of religion, but also the mythos surrounding the artist and his mental illness — though, Driscoll points out, with care. “I have endeavoured to avoid sensationalising Vincent’s story, or making out that aliens had any substantial influence on either his work or his mental state. So if they are around in the fields of Auvers or thereabouts, we will find them experiencing Vincent’s story, not shoehorning him into theirs.”

Five further books are planned for the first run: Eleanor’s Tears by Dennison, Art of History by Jon Arnold, The Importance of Glass Slippers by M.H. Norris, Sceptre of the Innocents by Driscoll, and The Hummingbird Conspiracy by Dennison. Ginger Hoesly supplies cover art and design for the line.

Co-creator Dennison looks forward to introducing the Chronosmiths to a whole new audience. “We were both a little sad to leave these characters behind once the charity novel was finished. Both of us felt there was more to them. This new setting lets us develop them even further, plus it’s letting us explore themes that mean a lot to us and work with writers we admire.”

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❉ News source: Altrix Books. Altrix Books was founded by Paul Driscoll and Kara Dennison, and publishes both original and charity publications. 

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