Hannah Georgas – ‘All That Emotion’

❉ A dreamlike-state album just in time for Autumn, writes Cori Smith.

A household name in her native Canada, Hannah Georgas is back with ‘All That Emotion,’ – and that’s not just the album title.

Off the back of touring with and even providing backing vocals with The National, Aaron Dessner is clearly a collaborator on this record, his production unmistakeable and beautiful as usual (See Sharon Van Etten’s Tramp).

Photo credit: Vanessa Heins.

Made over a year period in creative bursts to bring fresh eyes and focus on production, gave Georgas the clarity to ‘bring out the truth  in my voice.’ The result is silky earnest and raw beauty, an exercise in the importance of communication. Here are some of my faves;

Opening track, That Emotion hits like a  Camera Obscura song, a gentle pace scattered with breathy inflections. A perfect Sunday evening festival tune.

Georgas’ Pray It Away is a thoughtful & heartbreaking reflection of her own battles with conservative family members on the subject of same-sex marriage. Shared with us in the form of an ambient lo-fi anthem, it might just be the most beautiful track on this record, and that’s kinda Georgas’ thing, so…

We’re pretty spoiled for choice.

Same Mistakes is an introspective ballad with a dreamy pace and butterfly kisses of piano arrangement. This alongside Cruel, which manages to be haunting and uplifting, simultaneously.

This record weaves in and out at a perfect pace. Georgas manages to navigate us through raw emotion that feels like a knowing hug from a close friend.

A delight.

❉ Hannah Georgas – ‘All That Emotion’ was released September 4, 2020 on Arts & Crafts/Brassland. Available: here.

❉  Hannah Georgas: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

❉ Cori Ann Smith is a writer for We Are Cult. A Cardiff-based Literature grad, Horror nerd & eclectic Indie cindy, you’ll mostly find her immersed in a book or in a festival crowd, usually with a beer. Perpetually working on a book of short stories… @coriflowercheez on Twitter.

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