Graham Gouldman releases pay-what-you-want instrumental album for Bandcamp Friday

❉ The 10cc co-founder will donate the Bandcamp proceeds from No Words Today to the Help Musicians charity.

Like most musicians during this last year or so, Graham Gouldman found himself with time to spare. With 10cc and solo shows postponed, Gouldman – perhaps unsurprisingly – continued making music.

“I decided to record some of my favourite songs reinterpreted as instrumentals”, explains Graham. “Some were tunes I’d known for years, which I would play for my own enjoyment, and others were songs I just loved. I wanted to pay homage to the writers, arrangers and artists who have gifted us with their musical genius.”

Graham Gouldman, 2021.

Recorded mostly at home, on his own, the album has a distinct “easy listening” mellow charm. Perhaps in contrast to the world outside at the time, the soothing instrumentals are easy on the ear.

“I was inspired by what I thought were the definitive recordings”, he continues. “For example, Peggy Lee’s version of ‘The Folks Who Live On The Hill’, Matt Monroe’s ‘Somewhere’ and Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s ‘Summertime’.”

He does allow himself the modest indulgence of including an original, alongside the greats. “I’ve only included one self-composed track, ‘Resonator Rock’.”

Mindful that the many successes of his long career have provided him the means to spend time on a self-indulgent project, Graham says, “I wanted the proceeds of this album to go to the many musicians who have been so seriously affected financially by the Covid pandemic. Towards this end I have chosen ‘Help Musicians’ as the charity to benefit from your donations.”

“Please give generously. I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I did making it.”

❉ “No Words Today” is out on Friday, 3rd September, available exclusively via Bandcamp.

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