Fused’s ‘Nightlife’ Adventures Remixed

Ange Chan on Fused’s latest release, a package of remixes fresh off the back of his debut album Exhibition.

Fused aka Mark Kendrick has been on somewhat of a roll lately, producing and releasing music like it’s been going out of fashion!  Always accomplished, well produced, and professional his latest release is fresh off the back of his debut album Exhibition and is a package of remixes encompassing ten tracks available in MP3, FLAC and other formats via Bandcamp as of 17 June 2022.

For the uninitiated, award-winning Fused are a UK based synthpop/darkwave band who were formed in 2018 and who cite their influences as De/Vision, Depeche Mode and Gary Numan as well as peers Tenek, Mesh and Lowe. Mark describes his musical style as “80s music with a modern aesthetic”. As well as being an accomplished musician, Mark is a highly regarded mixer and producer of other artists’ work including SombreMoon, Tin Gun and Nature of Wires. Highly regarded in the synth scene, Mark is renowned for the high quality of his physical releases and consequently has garnered an ever-increasing army of dedicated fans.

Nightlife Remix opens with the title track, a taster of what’s to follow with a multitude of electronic sounds.  You can immediately hear the musical influences, perfectly melded with Fused’s own unique style.  This song has become a real earworm for me in the past few days; once heard, never forgotten!  Its mix of vocoder, vocals, complex musicality wrapped up in a highly accomplished track is difficult to dismiss.  Why he’s not more commercially successful is completely beyond me, as I feel he’s on a par with the greats of the genre.

The release showcase four versions of the track Nightlife along with brand new track Axiom, which also gets a four-version remix treatment including an extended version.  Axiom is more of a dark wave largely instrumental track, mixed with 90s EBM, which will have you shaking your tush within seconds with its infectious beat.  Vocoders are used mid-track, as the big sounds build and build with the lyric “let me take you higher”.  It’s a Grade A banger of a tune!

As a Bandcamp/CD exclusive there are additional new tracks Cosmonaut and Exhibition which round off this new release.  The track Cosmonaut draws you in with its funky synth sounds punctuated with spoken word, making you feel you’re actually on the International Space Station.  Exhibition on the other hand has an OMD aesthetic, reminding me of their 1991 album track Neon Lights from the Sugar Tax album and Fused’s Exhibition is no less accomplished.

Always striving to improve, Fused have pushed the envelope regarding production skills and artistic nuance which has resulted in a collection of songs which is both refreshingly new, yet still having an air of familiarity.  I couldn’t recommend this release more, for fans of the genre.

‘Nightlife’ by Fused releases June 17, 2022. Pre-order Digital Album (Streaming + Download) £7.50 GBP  or more: https://fusedmusic.bandcamp.com/album/nightlife

Follow Fused on Twitter @fusedofficial or via the Website www.fusedmusic.com

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