For One Night Only: 40 Years Of Fiat Lux

❉ A celebration of Fiat Lux’s musical career and a true reflection of their forty years this October.

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot hot hot this week. We Are Cult are delighted to be able to announce that in their fortieth anniversary year, Fiat Lux are planning an exclusive one-off gig at The Headgate Theatre, Colchester, Essex this October.

The venue has a capacity of just eighty seats making this event a truly intimate affair and is sure to delight their fans with songs both old and new included on the set list. Music lovers may remember their most memorable tracks from their heyday including Secrets, Photography and Blue Emotion amongst others.

The tickets will go on sale to the general public on Monday 8th August, with pre-sale opportunities from next week on Monday 25th July. However, for die hard Fiat Lux fans who definitely don’t want to miss out, there’s a ‘register your interest’ page which will give fans and followers an advantage to snap up tickets sooner. You can do thisnow via the linkbelow.

The gig comes on the back of a number of one-off concerts that have taken place since their ‘big come back’ gig at Bradford in 2019. During the global pandemic the band worked together, albeit separately located,to produce their latest album, Twisted Culture containing nine brand new songs and released on Splid Records, last November 2021.

Steve said“2022 has been a really busy yearfor Fiat Lux.We started in Birmingham returning to the Blue Orange Theatre, which we also played at during 2019. Then we played at the Seven Arts Centre, Leedsfor a 2hour set and even had an interval! We played lots of our material and even had some songs leftover that we had to leave out. It was a really good gig for us.

Next there was the Long Division Festival in the Mechanics Theatre at Wakefield where Fiat Lux were top of the bill. That was the definitive 40th anniversary gig for us as many members of the audience had attended our original gigs back in Raffles in Wakefield in 1982. We visited the old Raffles building for old time’s sake to discover that its now a pool hall. But it felt like we were coming round the full circle. The Colchester gig will round off what’s been a busy but memorable year for the band.”

The gig promises to be a celebration of Fiat Lux’s musical career and a true reflection of their forty years.It’s the first time the band have played their own gig in the South East of the country (aside from the Butlins Festival at Bognor Regis which they attended in December 2019) allowing fans from the area to access a long awaited Fiat Lux live event, which we hope is the first of many in the region.

David said “We’re very much looking forward to playing our own gig in the South East of England, and a big thanks is due to Howard Reuben and Mat Thomas who hascurated and organised this event, assisted by Ange Chan for her PR and merch prowess, and Russ our Resident webmaster and tech genius. The Headgate Theatre is definitely a Fiat Lux type of venue and isa good fit for us and we’re looking forward to playing to our fans in the south. It’s been long overdue.

Finally,I asked David if there were any other events to mark their 40th year in the music industry and he hinted at a Christmas song, possibly accompanied by a small local show to promote it. “It won’t be your usual kind of Christmas song!” he joked, but we expected nothing less!

So that’s something else for fans to look forward to, in order to round the year off Fiat Lux’s four decades. I for one, am looking forward to that and whatever next year brings.

❉ To register your interest ahead of the ticket pre-sale please click on this link

❉ Twisted Culture by Fiat Lux was released on 5 November 2021 on CD, Vinyl and digital formats available to buy from the official Fiat Lux website

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