Felixity – ‘Love Sick Remixed’ reviewed

❉ A refreshing offering from the London based neo-soul singer/songwriter.

London based singer/songwriter Felixity has released an album of remixes of her recently released first album Love Sick on Komplex Recordings. The original album is a collection of deeply personal songs, touching on the highs and woes of modern relationships in the new millennium. They’re confessional, honest and raw, infused with Felixity’s sassy street vocals and equally smouldering beats. Think All Saints, Amy Winehouse, Pink and Dua Lipa and you’re 90% there.

The remix version of the album Love Sick Remixed was produced during lockdown, and is a completely refreshing offering, which shakes up the sexy soulful vibe that dominates Love Sick and offers a fresher, different feel. This is especially noticeable for the lead single Twisted Love which is remixed three times and given three completely different treatments from the chaotic Fuck Me Remix to Andy Spaceland’s funkier backbeat and reverb to Danny Saber’s Remix which is somewhat truer to the original single version.

The Remixed version of The Bad Guy is given a Bond-esque edge by EMP, turning it from a sassy All Saint-esque song into a finely honed John Barry-style classic, complete with backing strings instead of a edgier back beat.

On My Knees Drunq Remix give a heavier cinematic vibe, which is mildly reminiscent of Bjork’s Army of Me in its feel. This is no bad thing. Vanilla and You and Me remixes are given a sexy R&B treatment whilst in slight contrast, Crazii‘s Barry Adamson remix is given a looser, almost Ibiza-cool vibe.  Another song much improved by its remix treatment is Mr Brave. Originally a soulful song with narrative lyrics, the remix lifts it from the ordinary to the extraordinary, with a vibrant electro treatment that can’t fail to get you up on the dance floor and shaking your stuff. Seize’s remix by Drunq/David Fracolini gives a soulful track lamenting on relationship woes into a vibrant trip-hop electro affair that will make you sit up and listen.

Photos by Steve Gullick.

In my opinion the remixed album far surpasses the original album in terms of excitement and interest. The various artists that remixed the album have breathed fresh life into a soulful urban-groove soul album and turned into something which is more diverse and up-to-date. The original Love Sick album delivers soul and sultry. Whereas the remix album notches it up a level in terms of funk and R&B deliverablity. Either way, Felixity is a new artist to be taken seriously. I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the not too distant future.

Felixity – ‘Love Sick Remixed’ (Komplex Recordings) was released 3 July 2020, and is available across digital platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. 

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