Fabulous Films present ‘Duel’ 50th Anniversary Edition

❉ Steven Spielberg’s first full length feature film, with new artwork by Graham Humphreys.

David Mann is driving from California to meet a client. After overtaking a rusted truck, he finds himself being chased and terrorized by it…

Steven Spielberg’s first full length movie Duel is now available in this 50th Anniversary Edition with all new artwork by Graham Humphreys (“England’s greatest living horror film artist” – Proud Galleries). Dennis Weaver stars as the travelling salesman waging a desperate battle for survival after he is mysteriously singled out for destruction by a 40-ton truck.

In 1971 Spielberg’s secretary Nona Tyson handed him a copy of Playboy saying “I think this is right up your alley”. She was referring to Duel, a short story in the magazine by Richard Matheson. Spielberg landed in the director’s chair for Duel to be made as a television movie. But after editing, the unusual decision was made to film extra scenes for a theatrical release – giving Spielberg the leap from TV to the cinema.

Spielberg was a fan of silent movies and created one of the most uniquely terrifying “characters” in movie history: a massive, roaring 40-ton truck with more sheer menace than most flesh-and-blood villains.

The truck was cast just like any other actor, Spielberg auditioned seven different semi-trucks settling on a 1955 Peterbilt 281, because the front of the truck resembled a face.

The filming took about 11 days in which time Weaver drove more than 2000 miles. Stunt co-ordinator Carey Loftin, designer of legendary car chase sequences in Vanishing Point, Bullitt and The French Connection drove the truck.


A Conversation with Director Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg and the small screen
Richard Matheson: Writing of Duel
Photograph and Poster Gallery
All new Graham Humphreys sleeve.

‘Duel: 50th Anniversary Edition’ released 31 May 2021 on DVD & Blu-ray by Fabulous Films Ltd/Fremantle Media Enterprises. Cert PG. Running Time: 89 mins. RRP £12.99 (DVD)/£14.99 (Blu-ray). Click here to pre-order from the Fabulous Films website.

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