DWM 511: Meet Pearl Mackie – The Doctor’s New Companion!

❉ Pearl Mackie tells DWM how it feels to be stepping on board the TARDIS.

In her most revealing, in-depth interview to date, Pearl Mackie tells DWM how it feels to be stepping on board the TARDIS as the Doctor’s new companion…

“Every day, I have about a million different emotions,” Pearl says of her fast-approaching, eagerly awaited Doctor Who début. “I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m full of anticipation, really. Probably the same as most of the fans. Also, we’re still filming at the moment – we’re wrapping up the series so I’m trying to fit in all those emotions between, like, learning my lines. Which is fun. And a bit mad.”

Describing her character, Bill Potts, Pearl says, “Bill is very inquisitive, but she’s also very, very real and very human, so she does ask those kinds of questions – about him having two hearts, and where the toilet is in the TARDIS, and she says the TARDIS looks like a kitchen because it’s all shiny. She’s not, like, a sci-fi veteran. She likes sci-fi, but in her head it’s very ‘fi’; it’s completely fictional, and then she’s thrown into this amazing world where actually it’s all real and everything – anything – is possible. For something who’s human and 100% of this Earth, it’s completely mind-blowing.”

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News source: DWM/Panini.

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