Dr Gale, Mrs Peel, Tara King… We’re needed!

❉  Art & Hue presents The Avengers, a collection of stylish pop art prints inspired by the cult 1960s British TV show.

Art & Hue had the pleasure of diving into Studio Canal’s extensive library of production and publicity photography at Pinewood Studios to create this group of exclusive pop art prints in homage to The Avengers, the tale of British spies, and talented amateurs, foiling the dastardly plots of diabolical masterminds.

An official collaboration with Studio Canal, the copyright-holders of The Avengers, has resulted in this collection of pop art prints, in Art & Hue’s signature halftone style, available in a choice of 17 colours and three sizes.


2016 marks the 55 year anniversary of the cult TV show’s debut in 1961. Broadcast on ITV in the UK and ABC in the USA, the show defined the 1960s, running from 1961 to 1969, during which time The Avengers fought off Russian double-agents, dodgy politicians, and power-crazed businessmen across London!

Innovative at the time and enthralling to this day, The Avengers led the way with independent and resourceful women on television. The story goes that the part was originally written for a man but with no time to adjust the scripts, Honor Blackman pioneered the first strong female character on British TV.

Smart and stylish, The Avengers pop art collection features Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson as John Steed, Cathy Gale, Emma Peel and Tara King.

The largest Art & Hue pop art collection to date, with 24 unique art prints, all Art & Hue prints are on 310gsm museum-quality archival matte paper, made from 100% cotton, using fine art pigment inks which last lifetimes.

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