‘Doctor Who: A Time Lord For Change’

❉ A new Doctor Who anthology is raising money to help a prominent mental health charity.

November 23rd, 2016 is not only Doctor Who’s 53rd birthday, but also the date that Chinbeard Books’ charity anthology drops.

‘Doctor Who: A Time Lord For Change – In An Exciting Adventure With The Drabbles’, is an anthology of ‘drabbles’ (100-word stories, no more, no less), conceived by Cliff Chapman, with playwright, theatre director/producer, and Who fan, Elton Townend Jones as the main editor.

Covering the first story to the latest of Peter Capaldi’s broadcast stories, this comes out just before the new Christmas special on BBC ONE and is a fitting build-up to that event.

For the uninitiated, a ‘Drabble’ (based upon a parlour game coined by Monty Python) is a short story utilising no more or less than 100 words. The Doctor Who fan community embraced ‘drabbles’ in the pre-internet 80s, and the connection between drabbles and charity projects was established when Doctor Who historian David J Howe edited ‘Drabble Who’ in aid of the RNIB in 1993. In this respect, this project is maintaining a long tradition of Doctor Who fans and professionals putting their collective creative heft behind a charitable endeavour, and its testament to the goodwill behind collective fandom at its best.

One of the 13 internal illustrations that split up each section, by the artist Gary Andrews
One of the 13 internal illustrations that split up each section, by the artist Gary Andrews

The book is written by a vortex of Wholigans including names from the world of ‘Doctor Who’, notably Colin Baker, Andrew Cartmel, Rob Shearman, and Terry Molloy.

The foreword will be written (in the form of a drabble!) by scriptwriter Declan May, editor of the acclaimed charity anthology ‘Seasons of War’.

The cover is provided by Steve Horry, internal illustrations by Gary Andrews and the design is by Nicholas Hollands.

Pre-orders will be open soon.

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  1. As one of the contributing authors to this, I received my copy yesterday and am already a fair way through it. A great collection with a great cause benefiting from the sales.

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