Department S: Volume 2 – Pre-buy now!

❉ Department S is back…but what does the ‘S’ stand for?

Department S returns for a second volume on Blu-ray, as the three operatives probe four more mysteries: including a plane that lands without a crew or passengers and another that goes missing for six days en route, without anyone on board noticing anything amiss. It’s all in a day’s work for Jason King and co.

One mystery we’re still pondering is exactly what the ‘S’ stands for. Secret? Special? That’s a bit too predictable for these characters. How about Seretse, the head of the outfit? Anybody got any better ideas? Over to you, Mr. King… no doubt the answer can be found in one of his Mark Caine novels…

Implausible and bizarre the plots may be… but Department ‘S’ has never looked better than this.

❉ Department S: Vol 2 – Pre-buy now.

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