David McGillivray confesses all in new autobiography

❉ This is the book that bares all about one man’s colourful life of sex and drugs and men and movies in London from the swinging 60s to current day.

“A meticulous account of a life so sordid I think each copy should come with a complimentary sanitary wipe.” – Julian Clary.

FAB PRESS is publishing the eagerly-awaited autobiography of horror and sexploitation movie writer and director David McGillivray. The man who brought us Peter De Rome: Grandfather of Gay Porn and the legendary short film Trouser Bar. A broadcaster and joiurnalist, David is also author of Doing Rude Things as well as being Julian Clary’s scriptwriter.

The grandson of an acrobat, David McGillivray knew from the age of four and a half that he wanted to get into the movies. His wish was granted virtually from the day he was expelled from school – except that, instead of starring in films, he packed them.

Briefly the UK’s youngest film critic, McGillivray wrote his first film – a travelogue about Yugoslavia – when he was 23, then moved on to a succession of cheap shockers and skin flicks. After Prime Minister Thatcher dealt killer blows to the UK’s independent film industry, McGillivray found alternative employment in radio, TV and theatre, becoming Julian Clary’s long-serving scriptwriter. Around the year 2000 he put these careers temporarily on hold to dabble in another form of exploitation, but one closely associated with the more secretive side of show business. This is all revealed in his latest book, Little Did You Know: The Confessions of David McGillivray.

In this sensational memoir, illustrated with many previously unseen photos, McGillivray reveals how his anti-establishment lifestyle stretches back to his teenage years and journeys six decades, taking us through the cocaine-lined world of London’s media industry, the tragic heights of the AIDS epidemic and the sinful celluloid backstreets of Soho. It’s a colourful picaresque account of the capital from every angle.

Described by Jonathan Ross as “a comedy legend”, Alan Jones as “a horror icon” and Matthew Sweet as “the Truffaut of smut”, David McGillivray has enjoyed a colourful career in many areas of lowbrow entertainment. But not even his closest associates, let alone fans of his horror films and comedy plays, could have predicted the extraordinary direction his career took around the turn of the 21st century.

From 1998 – 2011, McGillivray hosted London’s wildest parties at his home in London’s sleazy King’s Cross district. They were attended by some of the biggest names of stage, screen, music and fashion. The revelations of what went on under the figurative noses of law enforcement agencies and the literal noses of McG and his high-flying guests are not for the faint-hearted.

The confessions of this outrageously funny man may amaze and amuse, scandalise or shock you. And you may never look back on Millennium Night in quite the same light again…

❉ Little Did You Know: The Confessions of David McGillivray is available from FAB Press 1st June, £20.00 Hardcover. Signed editions will be shipping from 1st June, 2019 from www.fabpress.com with the book hitting book stores on 1st August, 2019. The book can be pre-ordered now on: https://www.fabpress.com/little-did-you-know.html

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