Cutaway Comics launches ELDRAD MUST LIVE!

New one-shot comic inspired by the classic Doctor Who story The Hand of Fear.

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Last week, We Are Cult told readers all about the Kickstarter to help promote Manchester’s independent comic imprint Cutaway Comics’ second title OMEGA. In case you missed it – click here to read more! Within days the comics publisher had beaten their target and seen huge interest in their initial stretch goals.

Today, Cutaway Comics, Manchester’s independent comic imprint exploring the worlds of Doctor Who, launch their second set of stretch goals which includes spin-off comic Eldrad Must Live! written by TV legend and BAFTA-winner Bob Baker and illustrated by Marvel and DC artist Stephen B. Scott.

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Based on the silicon creature from the 1976 Doctor Who story The Hand of Fear, this one-shot comic sees a deadly splinter from Eldrad’s body regenerate and cause havoc in a nuclear reactor. Can the reactor’s controller Professor Watson stop Eldrad – again?

Cutaway Comics founder Gareth Kavanagh says: “Some people might think we are mad continuing and developing characters like Orcini and Eldrad, but with so much potential left unexplored in these worlds, and the original creators willing to explore them in a medium new to them, we’ve got a formidable match of talent and energy to harness.”

Writing his first comic, Bob has teamed up with Marvel and DC artist Stephen B. Scott for this exciting one-shot that promises to deliver a classic slice of horror – #eldradmustlive – but only with the help of Cutaway Comics Kickstarter backers!

❉ The Kickstarter can be found here:

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