Cutaway Comics Launch Release!

Stories from the darker recesses of Doctor Who in a dangerous, unpredictable cutaway universe!

“Intergalactic soldier Lytton has swapped the battlefields for a jazz club in 1970s Soho. If only it wasn’t for the strange noises in the sewers, rumours of vicious aliens in the dark alleyways, and a terrible sense of murder in the air, then everything might be perfect.”

Cutaway Comics, an independent comic imprint based in Manchester launches this summer featuring worlds and characters from BBC’s Doctor Who drawing them into darker recesses of a dangerous, unpredictable cutaway universe.

Mixing writers new to comics with experienced artists, Cutaway Comics will bring a new perspective to characters using fresh British creatives.

Publisher Gareth Kavanagh, one half of the publishing duo behind Vworp Vworp, the acclaimed fanzine chronicling the history of Doctor Who comics, explains: “I was always fascinated by strips in the back of Doctor Who Weekly that didn’t feature the Doctor. Instead, the monsters took centre stage – and the stories were terrifying. Those strips launched the careers of Alan (Watchmen) Moore and David (V For Vendetta) Lloyd amongst others, and this is our homage to those unpredictable and wild stories with the next generation of talent.”

Cutaway Comics has been working with writers, artists and rights holders to deliver an ambitious chapter of storytelling with villains, aliens, and planets from the worlds of Doctor Who and beyond.

The first ‘chapter’ of Cutaway Comics includes a visit to the giant tower block of Paradise Towers, the rogue god Omega attempting to free himself of his black hole prison and a dimension-hopping trip to 1970’s Soho in Lytton.

A noir thriller perfect for fans of Sin City and Criminal, launch title Lytton, featuring the intergalactic soldier seen in Doctor Who ’s fan favourite serial Resurrection of the Daleks. It is a brand new story written by his creator Eric Saward and featuring art from Barry (Star Wars, X-Files) Renshaw.

Intergalactic soldier Lytton has swapped the battlefields for a jazz club in 1970s Soho. If only it wasn’t for the strange noises in the sewers, rumours of vicious aliens in the dark alleyways, and a terrible sense of murder in the air, then everything might be perfect.

Eric Saward is a name familiar to Doctor Who fans for being the script editor for Peter Davison and Colin Baker’s Doctors, as well as writing many fan favourite stories. Eric says: “It has been an adventure pushing one of my own characters into this visual medium. I’ve very much enjoyed seeing my characters take on a life of their own after all this time!”

Further stories to come from Cutaway Comics include Omega: Vengeance, which sees rogue god Omega pulling the strings to escape his black hole prison – but will the society of Minyos fall as a result? Influenced by Greek mythology, the mix of cosmic and mythologic will appeal to fans of The Sandman and Promethea. Written by Mark Griffiths whose children’s book series Spy Toys (written under the pen name Mark Powers) has been optioned by Dreamworks, Omega also features art by the legendary John (2000AD, Hellblazer) Ridgway.

Following Omega: Vengeance will be a return to the world of Paradise Towers, a giant tower block with teenage gangs, murderous old ‘rezzies’, and underground whispers that might topple the tower block once and for all – think The Thirteenth Floor meets Halo Jones. Written by Sean Mason, who has previously adapted Halo Jones and V for Vendetta for the stage, the artist will be announced shortly.

Keep looking on the Cutaway Comics website for more about this story including the opportunity for artists to be involved. Cutaway Comics has launched a Kickstarter to raise awareness of the project, offering exclusive perks such as digital copies and the chance for you to appear in a future Lytton comic.

Beyond the comics, each issue ordered directly from the Cutaway Comics webstore will include an exclusive bonus DVD with the following content planned:

Video commentaries on the comic featuring artist Barry Renshaw and writer Eric Saward.
An introduction to the series from Eric Saward.
New interviews with Eric Saward and Barry Renshaw.
Newly recorded audio commentaries for ‘Gangsters’, the series that shot Lytton actor Maurice Colbourne to fame featuring series creator Philip Martin and BFI Historian Dick Fiddy.
A newly recorded audio commentary for ‘The Caves of Androzani’ featuring Salateen actor Robert Glenister.
Deleted pages, and concept art.

You can order Lytton #1 directly from Cutaway Comics at

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News source: Cutaway Comics.

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