Cult Ink launches with ‘Me And The Starman’

❉ Acclaimed David Bowie charity anthology returns to print!

“Whatever route brought you to David Bowie, and whatever spells he has cast on you power the years, I think you’ll find much in this book that strikes a chord” – David Bowie expert Nicholas Pegg.

Everyone knows the story of David Bowie, the Brixton boy who by sheer force of will made himself into the biggest pop star in the world via glam rock, white boy soul and Berlin before signing off by turning even his own death into an artistic statement.

This is not his story.

Instead, charity anthology Me And The Starman is the story of the lipstick traces he left behind: the impact his artistic endeavours made on our lives. How his music, his acting and his presence inspired people and let them think differently about themselves.

“Me & The Starman works as a useful, highly articulate and enjoyable reminder that David Bowie meant an awful lot of different things to lots of different people” – Author, journalist and broadcaster Keith Topping.

Edited by Jon Arnold and James Gent, and published by Cult Ink, Me And The Starman tells the stories from the fans and those who knew him, the story of the connections he made with his art. With a foreword from the author of The Complete David Bowie, Nicholas Pegg, and an afterword from former MainMan USA president Tony Zanetta and including contributions from musicians such as Adamski, Kristian Hoffman, Malcolm Doherty and Jessica Lee Morgan, Glass Spider Tour performer Victor Manoel, writer and podcaster Tim Worthington, novelist Paul Magrs and Eisner Award winning writer and artist Nick Abadzis amongst many others, it traces the often invisible impact he made on lives that might otherwise have been very different. It’s a story that stretches from the Laughing Gnome to Lazarus, from the Beckenham Arts Lab to Blackstar and beyond.

Me And The Starman is a deeply intimate and very personal collection of stories and essays paying tribute to how the man who fell to Earth grounded us all, and helped the weirdest among us feel a little less alone. It’s the story of when you give not only your hands but your hearts to an artist. In the words of its editors, “This is a celebration, not a memorial.”

“As much as the individual pieces vary in tone and style, they all come across as thoroughly heartfelt. Like Bowie’s own songs, nearly every one of them offers an indelible passage that makes the feeling of personal connection concrete, especially when paired with a sense of discovery.” – review

Originally published by Chinbeard Books on 11 July 2019, marking the fiftieth anniversary of David Bowie’s breakthrough hit single Space Oddity, Me And The Starman returns to print as the inaugural release of Cult Ink, the newly-launched publishing arm of popular culture website We Are Cult edited by James Gent, who curated the anthology together with writer Jon Arnold, a regular contributor to Obverse Books’ The Black Archive range. The front cover glyph was designed by illustrator Robert Hammond and the back cover artwork by Johnny Dean of Menswe@r and FXXK Explosion. As with the previous edition, all profits from this book go toward supporting the work of Cancer Research UK.

❉ ‘Me And The Starman’ (Eds: Jon Arnold, James Gent) is out now from Cult Ink and is available to buy from Amazon, RRP £11.99. UK: | US: ISBN: 9798664990546.

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