Cosmo Jarvis’ ‘Think Bigger’ Set For Deluxe Edition Reissue

❉ November 2020 sees first global reissue of the rising star’s third and final double-album.

Cosmo Jarvis’ increasing profile as an important and relevant up-and-coming British actor is borne out by critically acclaimed performances in the recent Nick Rowland Calm With Horses movie, the William Oldroyd BAFTA nominated Lady MacBeth and a rousing performance as the insane Barney in Peaky Blinders series 5. His rising star as an actor belies a precocious talent which once bore witness to a period of mid-noughties songwriting the likes of which, when retrospectively assessed, will focus a shining light on Cosmo’s very unique and unquestionable talent.

In August 2011, The Guardian newspaper hailed him in a full page feature with the headline – ‘Cosmo Jarvis is shaping up to be the spokesperson for his age group – even if Radio 1 won’t play his records’ – and shortly thereafter Paul Gambaccini reviewed his first ever short movie The Naughty Room in glowing terms:

“He’s made a better movie than Madonna ever did with far less money! His greatest virtue is that he is utterly unafraid of presenting in an entertaining way, truths that most people are unaware of or too timid to talk about. Perhaps if more artists were simultaneously informed, talented and courageous we would be less impressed by Cosmo. But they aren’t and we aren’t. He is important.” (Paul Gambaccini August 2012)

Gambaccini’s prophetic review identified the greatest talent Jarvis the songwriter ever possessed, his fearless portrayal of real life truths in a direct and entertaining way that most would not dare to tackle in either song or prose. Nothing was spared in Cosmo’s early muse – divorce (Problems Of Our Own), parental drinking (Mummy’s Been Drinking), abuse, anal sex (She Doesn’t Mind The Ooooh…), masturbation, suicide, self-loathing, religion, gay rights (his hilarious and most revered song Gay Pirates, lauded by Stephen Fry on Twitter) and almost every aspect of societal behaviour that one could comprehensibly wish to think of. Frustrated by his lack of Radio 1 support he even wrote a song called Death To Radio 1, an obviously still-unreleased gem, locked deep in the protected Cosmo vault.

And so to the third and final of Cosmo’s double-albums, 2012’s Think Bigger. This was never globally released in full digital format, and apart from its successfully streamed and only single, Love This (over 3.4 million streams), the album has never been released or scheduled to appear on Spotify or any streaming services, until now.

November 2020 will finally see the reissue of a Deluxe Edition reissue of Think Bigger, supported by the release of a second single from the album, Tell Me Who To Be, a track accompanied by a never-before-seen trademark Cosmo Jarvis video; quirky, witty and genius don’t even come close.

The Think Bigger reissue will contain all of its 11 original recordings remastered for 2020, plus a further 9 rare bonus tracks from that same writing period, including 5 never before heard songs and 4 acoustic live ‘bedroom’ versions of key Think Bigger tracks.

This is a reissue that merits attention if only to discover the prodigious inner workings of Jarvis’ mind as he delivers visceral lyrical stories that are infectious, confounding, and witty, which really make any listener take note. From the benign innocence of a simplistic love ode to Lacie, his computer hard drive upon which he burdens his many aspirations, hopes and dreams, to the much darker contemplation of suicide and utopian redemption in the haunting Hopeless Bay. He even ventures light-heartedly with an observational song about the actual death and murder of a young girl from his village in a quizzical but disturbing song Girl From My Village. It’s all very powerful and direct stuff, typical Cosmo.

Think Bigger is an album of arresting and thought provoking moments, not least the closing eponymous title which ironically hails a quasi-self-fulfilling premonition of Cosmo’s own desire to reach far beyond music for something more elusive and creatively rewarding but still equally worthy of his burning ambition.

The loss to the songwriting world of Cosmo’s incisive word wizardry is already proving to be a gain to the movie world. Whilst his fast-rising star in the film business shines ever more brightly, the reissue of Think Bigger will at least serve to remind us of Cosmo Jarvis, a songwriter and performer extraordinaire.

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❉ Cosmo Jarvis: ‘Think Bigger’ (Deluxe Edition) Release date: November 20th 2020 (Formats: DL and Streaming). Label: 7Hz Recordings (CAT Number: 7HZDD20008).

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