Coming Soon: ‘Widows’ on Talking Pictures

❉ Also showing this August: Lytton’s Diary, Special Branch and Shadows Of Fear.

Three members of a top British gang are accidentally killed as they are about to raid a security wagon. Their widows, Shirley Miller, Linda Perelli and Dolly Rawlins decide to carry out the plans of their deceased husbands and execute an armed robbery.

A gritty crime series with strong female characters played by Ann Mitchell, Maureen O’Farrell, Fiona Hendley, and Eva Mottley with Debby Bishop, Maurice O’Connell and David Calder, Widows was one of the most influential dramas of the 1980s. It was a smash hit for ITV and the career breakthrough for Lynda La Plante who became one of television’s highest profile writers, later to write Prime Suspect.

La Plante had played small roles in The Sweeney and Out. Frustrated with the way women were depicted for TV drama, she submitted a pilot script and was encouraged by script editor Linda Agran to complete the serial.

❉ Episode 1 airs Wed 28th August at 21:00; the series continues every Wednesday at the same time.

Also Coming Soon to Talking Pictures TV:

NEW SERIES: Lytton’s Diary (1985-1986)

Lytton’s Diary, Peter Bowles’ 80s series, is coming to the Talking Pictures TV from August 7th. Unseen on TV since its original run (1985-1986), Lytton’s Diary follows the life of London gossip columnist Neville Lytton. Whether consorting with banking tycoons and ex-dictators or investigating skinheads, Lytton strives to expose the high and mighty, the corrupt and the crooked. He also has to ensure that “God” (his editor at the Daily News) is happy with his work.

Lytton attempts to keep his love life in order, write the one novel he feels he has in him, and fend off the manoeuvres of his rival at the Daily Post, Henry Field. The suave journalist is played by Peter Bowles, who co-created the series with Philip Broadley, and also starred in The Irish RM and To The Manor Born.

❉ Lytton’s Diary Episode 1 airs on Wed 7th Aug at 22:00 and the series will continue on weekdays at 22:00.

NEW SERIES: Special Branch (1973)

Crime drama, directed by William Brayne. Stars: George Sewell, Roger Rowland, Peter Jeffrey and Tony Selby. First in a new series about Special Branch Police, whose duties take them down mean streets and into evil situations; but what happens when one of them is framed? Has he the right to be tougher and more ruthless than those who have framed him to clear himself?

❉ This new series begins Mon 26th August at 9pm and continues every Monday at the same time.

NEW SERIES: Shadows Of Fear (1970)

Thriller series; Shadows Of Fear focused on psychological horror and suspense and featured some of the best actors of the day including: Sheila Hancock, Ronald Hines, George Sewell, George Cole and Edward Fox.

❉ This new series begins Friday 30th August at 9pm, continuing every Friday at the same time.

Talking Pictures with … New DVD Release 

For the first time on DVDTalking Pictures With… is a 3 disc box set packed with interviews from stars we all know and love. We share laughter and sadness with the stars including: Liz Fraser, Françoise Pascal, Mark Lester, Shirley Anne Field, Sally Geeson, Tyler Butterworth talking about his parents Peter Butterworth and Janet Brown, Veronica Hurst, Michael Craig, Anita Harris, Anneke Wills, Patricia Dainton, Robert Powell, Rita Tushingham, Vera Day, George Layton, Reina James and William Russell. It also includes the Remembering interviews with the family of John Gregson and the son of Sam Kydd – Jonathan Kydd.

Why did Robert Powell not want to be Jesus? What was the song that launched Liz Fraser and Sid James’s singing career? What happened while Françoise Pascal was waiting on set for Peter Sellers? How did Anneke Wills get those jeans so tight? How did Mark Lester cry on demand in Oliver? Did you know John Gregson couldn’t drive when he was in the film Genevieve? What did Sid James do the first day he arrived in England? Who did Michael Craig beat at poker behind the scenes on the set of Sea Of Sand? What was the best script George Layton ever wrote? Did you know Peter Butterworth and Sam Kydd were both P.O.W.s? And much, much more… the entire exclusive collection on disc to be enjoyed at home – with no advert breaks! It’s also a chance for those of you who can’t attend TPTV’s festivals to see the on-stage interviews.


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