Come Home: Placebo @ 20

❉ We take a look back at Placebo, as their 20th Anniversary world tour kicks off.

1994. The South Kensington tube station. Goldsmiths College student Brian Molko, busking, sees a familiar face. Not a friend’s, but an acquaintance’s. Ahhh. Now he remembers where he’s seen him from. But if only he could put a name to the face. Stefan… Something? Gosh, he’s tall. Brian notices a guitar on Stefan’s back, and he asks him the most important question in any young musician’s life… “Hey, do you wanna come to my gig?”

And thus, the seeds of Placebo were planted.

Since 1996, Placebo has made it through 7 albums, 2 EPs, several world tours and 3 drummers, selling over 11 millions albums worldwide. They are one of the most beloved and enduring rock bands of the ’90s.

Lead singer Brian Molko once said the band was “for outsiders, by outsiders.” and that seems pretty apt. The fan base is a dedicated one to say the least. Just take a look at the legions of them on Facebook, Twitter et al and discover what an interesting, diverse and talented group they are.

And who can blame them for being so enamoured? The eternal duo of the bisexual, seductive pixie-like Molko with his androgynous look and the silent, Nordic, Stefan Olsdal on the bass, charming their way into your ashtray hearts, singing songs of youth, loss, sex, drugs and longing. Quite timeless. That’s how you get to last for 20 years. That, and actually being talented singer-songwriters who rock hard. Which they are certainly guilty of.

So, we’ve made a playlist to celebrate 20 YEARS of Placebo, culling from a wide range of their work. A mix of old favourites, hidden gems and contemporary classics.

Enjoy, and here’s to the next 20 years!

❉ For more Placebo goodness check out their latest EP ‘A Place for Us To Dream’ and their new documentary ‘PLACEBO: Alt.Russia’.

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