‘Budgie’ is coming to Talking Pictures TV

❉ The hit LWT series starring Adam Faith returns to screens from June 16.

The 1970s series Budgie with Adam Faith will be airing every Tuesday at 9pm starting from the 16th of June on Talking Pictures TV.

An enjoyable and well-written Soho street-life series featuring Adam Faith as a perpetual loser with an eye on the fast money. Whatever plan, scam or caper Budgie Bird got involved with, he always lost out to the law or the Soho crime community’s Mr Big, Charlie Endell (Iain Cuthbertson). As if his duck ‘n’ dodge life was not complicated enough, with such low-life characters as the grubby Grogan (Rio Fanning) and the dangerous Laughing Spam Fritter (John Rhys-Davies) using him, Budgie had a girlfriend, Hazel (Lynn Dalby), with his baby, his wife Jean (Georgina Hale), and his busker/con-man father (George Tovey) to contend with.

Check out this YouTube clip of Adam Faith as seen recording an episode of the hit ITV series Budgie back in May 1971 at London Weekend Television’s Wembley Studios, taken from an edition of LWT’s Aquarius series called ‘Pressure Cookie’:

❉ ‘Budgie’ with Adam Faith will be airing from the 16th of June on Talking Pictures TV. Series continues at 9pm every Tuesday.

❉ News source: Talking Pictures TV.

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  1. I fondly remember this in the heyday of great British TV. Glad to see that your chANNEL HAS PICKED IT UP. I THOUGHT IT WAS LOST FOREVER. tHE LAST TIME I SAW THIS WAS CHANNEL FOUR IN 1985. NICE ONE, TALKING PICTURES. I BELIEVE YOU ALSO SCREENED GIDEONS WAY At some time too? At last, a British focused, non scaredy cat station that doesn’t castigate the 60s & 70s. Long May You Continue! TJ the DJ

  2. I used to watch this with my dad when I was 13 (different times) and I haven’t seen it since. I am really enjoying seeing it back on the screen again. Adam Faith is as charismatic as I remember as a kid and Iain Cuthbertson steals every scene that he’s in. Big thanks to Talking Pictures for having the guts to broadcast it in these over-sensitive times.

  3. I’ve missed the start of public eye and budgie
    How can I watch from the start

  4. Remember this programme with great fondness many many happy memories the world was really beginning to open up inclusions were already starting acceptance was chapping at the door now old enough to know better love the trip down memory lane

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