Blaklight: ‘Paranoid’ (Rob Dust’s Strange Remix)

Blaklight are en pointe again with remix of the second single from their forthcoming album.

This six-minute remix showcases LA-based dark electronic pop duo Blaklight’s tenacity in placing themselves in a favourable position within the modern synth scene, and they are regularly played on indie radio stations like Artefaktor Radio, scoring a direct hit with fans.  This version of their song was originally included on the successful Into the Void album released last November 2021.

Paranoid was the first track on Into the Void, which is the band’s second album and was one of my favourite synthpop albums of the year. This remix is a highly danceable, upbeat track with Rob Dust’s inimitable treatment giving it extra layers of sound and interest, turning an already eminently enjoyable track up a notch.

The second track on the release is the Strange Remix but as an instrumental track, and is available exclusively on Bandcamp, so you won’t find it anywhere else. Again, highly listenable and gives a new slant on the track, which could easily be used as a film soundtrack.

The duo – namely Brian Belknap (Mind Machine) and Adam Collier (Crush333, Full Frontal Disco, MDA) – made their live debut on Friday 18 March joining Matt Blvck and Vain Machine presented by Luna Negra at Bart Lounge in Cathedral City California, followed by an appearance at Bar Sinister in Hollywood and at the inaugural Darkness Calling Festival in Los Angeles.

The duo plan to release an additional remix single on 1st April, to coincide with the Out of the Void – The Remixes pre-order.  Adam and Brian are continuing to work closely together on the third and fourth albums, along with a variety of collaborations and multiple remixes.

“Paranoid” (Rob Dust’s Strange Remix) was released on Friday 18 March 2022 and is available to download from the following outlets: Bandcamp | Spotify | Find the band via

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