‘Being’ Premiere at Dingwalls, Camden

❉ We report from the premiere of Quadrophenia sequel Being.

Devlin Crow’s 30-minute film Being, a spin-off of the infamous film Quadrophenia, is shot and set in Brighton and is about the story of a young boy, Buddy, who isn’t an average teenager. There’s something a little different about him… His peers have so many questions about him and things don’t seem to add up. Why is he always leaving things early to get back home? What is his secret?

As we progress deeper into Buddy’s story, we see him being bullied at school by classmates who really don’t try to understand him. The story reveals Buddy’s secret; he has to care for his Mum, Margaret, all by himself as she has Multiple Sclerosis. His Dad no longer lives with them, and Buddy is frustrated and angry about having the responsibility of caring for his Mum all on his own and at such a young age. We see him wrestle with his responsibilities at home, and Margaret’s daily frustration between trying to balance her own care needs, living with a degenerative and cruel illness, and giving her son the childhood she would dearly like him to have.

Margaret is a proud, positive and intelligent woman, and she doesn’t want to be defined by her disability. Despite her obvious struggles, she manages to keep a sense of humour and is never afraid to forcefully voice her opinions!

Buddy and his Mum find their escape in a world of sixties music, and they share a love of mod bands like The Who, The Kinks and The Animals.

One day Buddy meets an out of work actor, Doley, who was in the movie, Quadrophenia, and they become great friends. Doley and his girlfriend Hayley take Buddy for a day out that he will never forget!

From the Brighton location, right down to the replicas of the scooters and clothing, Being has strong cultural references to the the mod era. Devlin Crow secured a stellar line up of cast and crew, which includes Mark Wingett and Trevor Laird from the original Quadrophenia film.

Being was financed by a crowd funding project which was successful in securing its funds by 253 backers who pledged £22,465 to help bring this exciting project to life.

“I have always had an affinity with Quadrophenia due to growing up in Brighton and remembering the Mod gathering and scooters then. My youth and view of Brighton is fused with the film and the Mod scene. The outsider element at the core of the film focuses on young carers who battle caring for love ones, the dynamics of parent and child is upturned causing strain. Their efforts go unnoticed by the larger society,” explained Devlin.

Devlin’s wife is living with Multiple Sclerosis, and he is her carer, so the film has elements based on the directors own true life experiences. Devlin wanted to take those experiences, and turn them into something life-affirming and positive. The view of disability in general and MS in particular has often previously been portrayed quite negatively. Devlin wanted to challenge this perception and produce something that people would remember for its positivity.

❉ To read more about this project go to www.beingthefilm.co.uk

❉ Ange Chan is a poet and novelist. Her fourth poetry collection “Fame; What’s Your Name?” and her second novel “Baby, Can You Hear Me?” were both published in paperback and Kindle in 2016. Her third novel will be published in 2017.

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