Beauty in Chaos presents ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’

❉ Halloween brings the release of new remix album from Michael Ciravolo’s supergroup.

“I really enjoy the process of handing over the keys and seeing where others take songs that I am so close to. The creative process and result of ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned’ was such an amazing experience that I thought, why we don’t we give that another go!”- Michael Ciravolo.

After the coincidental release of The Storm Before The Calm on World Goth Day earlier this year, Beauty in Chaos does a darkwave double-down with their new remix release ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’, to be released on Halloween.

Once again, BIC turns the creative reins over to an extremely talented cast of producers, artists and DJs, including Tim Palmer (The Mission, U2, David Bowie), John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, HIM, Depeche Mode), film composer Tyler Bates (John Wick, The Watchmen, Guardians Of The Galaxy), The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell, UK-based EDM star Bentley Jones, and Marilyn Manson’s guitarist Paul Wiley.

“The creative process and result of ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned’ was such an amazing experience that I thought, why we don’t we give that another go!” So basically, ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’ is to ‘The Storm Before The Calm’ as ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned’ is to the ‘Finding Beauty In Chaos’ LP,” says BIC curator Michael Ciravolo.

Earlier, Beauty in Chaos previewed Tim Palmer’s A Kind Cruelty (The Sinistrality Mix), featuring Curse Mackey (Pigface, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Evil Mothers) on vocals and an appearance by guitarist Simon Hinkler (The Mission).

The full 27-track collection (available on CD) is deep and diverse and includes a few surprises. Ashton Nyte’s acoustic version of The Outside, Cinthya Hussey (whose painting also graces the cover) does a beautiful rendition of The Delicate Balance Of All Things, and an acoustic/mellotron drenched Memory Of Love from Human Drama’s Johnny Indovina.  You will even find some new guitar moments from Simon Hinkler, Richard Fortus (G’nR), Mark Gemini Thwaite and Nick Johnston.

Michael Ciravolo. Photo by Anabel DFlux.

As with previous releases, 33.3 Music Collective is releasing Out Of Chaos Comes… on vinyl (8 tracks), CD (14 tracks) and digitally (27). The full digital version is also included with an LP / CD purchase. Limited-edition colored vinyl also includes an exclusive cover-art poster, signed by the many of the artists involved.

❉ Beauty in Chaos: ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’ (33.3 Music Collective) released 31 October 2020. ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’ can be ordered in its various formats directly from the band’s website at

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