BBC Radio revives ‘I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again’ this Christmas

❉ The classic BBC radio series returns for a new series… with a new cast, old gags and plenty of songs!

“I have several reasons for not encouraging these young whipper-snappers from doing this show. Firstly, they may be funnier than we were – hard to believe, I know – which would annoy me a lot. Secondly, I do not wish, in any way, to revive the careers of Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and, in particular, John Cleese. Otherwise, I wish you good luck… although I don’t mean it.” – Bill Oddie

I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again was a seminal BBC Radio classic comedy, spawning The Goodies and Monty Python’s Flying Circus and, most importantly, the forerunner to I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue.  This show’s mix of anarchic madness, silly puns, catchphrases galore and gloriously manic characters ran from 1964 to 1973 and had a youth following that made live recordings seem more like a rock concert than a comedy show.

After a successful and critically-acclaimed theatre tour in 2017 where Gloucestershire-based touring company The OFFSTAGE Theatre Group tried to recapture that anarchic and freewheeling madness of a group of friends trying their best to make each other laugh as well as the audiences – and which featured cameos from Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, Jo Kendall and superfan Mitch Benn) – Spiteful Puppet Productions Ltd are delighted to announce that BBC Radio 4 Extra have picked up their executive produced radio version as a four-part series for broadcast.

“One of the best bits of my working life has been the cast recordings of ‘I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again’. We, the cast, had huge fun, and so did the audience. Watching Barnaby Eaton-Jones and his talented team in this revival, having just as much fun (and the audience, even more so), brought back very happy memories indeed. Definitely not to be missed!” Tim Brooke-Taylor

The returning cast are Hannah Boydell, David Clarke, Barnaby Eaton-Jones, William KV Browne and Ben Perkins, with live music from The Farrington Four (Andrew Farrington, Andy Rushton, Cath Thomas and Paul Wood).

I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again… Again!

I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again… Again! has been adapted, directed and produced for radio by Barnaby Eaton-Jones, from scripts and songs written by Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie. Additional material is provided by Barnaby Eaton-Jones, with grateful thanks to Eric Idle for the use of an original sketch from the early radio series. It was recorded before a live audience at The Playhouse in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Performer/director/producer/adaptor Barnaby Eaton-Jones says:

“To be bringing this ‘Best Of’ show to life on radio is a humbling experience, having been a fan since I was a youngster. My life’s ambition was perform comedy on BBC Radio, which has been made somewhat difficult by a debilitating long-term illness. To be able to achieve this means I’m forever grateful to Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie for allowing me to play in their sandbox and fulfil my dream. It’s a delight to allow the audience to be introduced, or re-introduced, to such crazy creations as Lady Constance de Coverlet and Professor Prune and his Electric Time Trousers (to name but two). We’re stepping into some very big comedy shoes and I hope you enjoy our clowning around with this classic material. No gibbons were harmed in the making of this programme. They were stuffed instead.”

I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again… Again!


Episode One: Friday 21st December, 8:00am. Repeated at 12:00pm and 7:00pm.

Episode Two: Friday 28th December, 8:00am. Repeated at 12:00pm and 7:00pm.

Episode Three: Friday 4th January, 8:00am. Repeated at 12:00pm and 7:00pm.

Episode Four: Friday 11th January, 8:00am. Repeated at 12:00pm and 7:00pm.

❉ The new radio series of ‘I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again… Again!’ begins Friday 21 December. Series link:

❉ News source: Spiteful Puppet Productions Ltd

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