ARROW presents January 2023 Line-Up

❉ In January, ARROW present a Karate Inferno, Reel Women, Lukas Moodysson, Brando and more!

Key highlights this January on the essential, alternative streaming service ARROW include a double helping of martial arts mayhem starring the incomparable Sonny Chiba, a definitive collection of films by Swedish director Lukas Moodysson, a diptych of Paul Joyce documentaries, one portraying a Hollywood legend and the other dissecting gender, alongside much more…

Seasons in January include: RAVENOUS CANNIBALS, with titles including Offspring, Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death and The Hills Have Eyes; THE FIRST TIME featuring a host of film from legendary, cult and breakthrough directors; ADAM EGYPT MORTIMER SELECTS, the indie American director curates a season filled with cult classics, ranging from Branded to Kill to The Testament of Dr Mabuse.

Watch the January Sizzle Reel here:

In January ARROW are proud to bring to subscribers the Lukas Moodysson Collection. Ever since his debut he was heralded as “a young master’s first masterpiece” by Ingmar Bergman, Moodysson has been hailed internationally as one of Sweden’s greatest filmmaking talents, delighting and confounding audiences in equal measure.

The Lukas Moodysson Collection includes his debut feature, F*cking Amal (released overseas as Show Me Love), heralded as a new queer cinema touchstone and one of the most authentic portrayals of youthful relationships on film; the bittersweet, satirical 1970s-set Together, in which the inhabitants of a commune try to reconcile their ideals with their hearts’ desires; the hauntingly bleak Lilya 4-ever, based on a real-life case of a Russian girl sold into sex trafficking in Sweden; the abrasive and semi-improvised A Hole in My Heart, detailing the messy (un)making of an amateur porn video; and the avant-garde Container, narrated in its English version by Jena Malone (Donnie Darko); his mainstream English-language debut with the expansive Mammoth, starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Michelle Williams; and We Are The Best!, the charming and funny tale of three schoolgirls starting a punk band in early-1980s Stockholm.

Moodysson’s eclectic filmography can now be appreciated as the work of a singular filmmaking voice, as avowedly uncompromising and unabashedly political as it is keenly observed, deeply felt and frequently hilarious – and you can see them all, together for the first time, on ARROW.

On January 6, ARROW kicks off the year with the favourites of an American filmmaker, comic writer and producer with Adam Egypt Mortimer Selects (UK/US/CA/IRE). Mortimer is the writer-director of SpectreVision’s Daniel Isn’t Real and Archenemy.

Adam Egypt Mortimer Selects, presented in three parts: Demented Spiritual Quests, Kinetic Masterminds, and Fucked Up Monsters.

Titles Include: The Sacred SpiritBad BlackThe Great Yokai War, Gwilliam.

Also available January 6: Teruo Ishii’s action duology The Executioner and The Executioner II: Karate Inferno (UK/US/CA/IRE).

Fists flurry and blood flows as legendary cult director Teruo Ishii (Shogun’s Joy of Torture, Horrors of Malformed Men) joins forces with martial arts legend Shin’ichi ‘Sonny’ Chiba in this bone-crunching double whammy of classic karate exploitation from Toei. Fans of the Street Fighter star will delight as Chiba pitches himself into a succession of freewheeling action and feisty fight scenes in this double dish of martial arts mayhem, all served up in director Ishii’s characteristically lurid style.

January 13 is all about the power of women, kicking off with Reel Women (UK/US/CA/IRE): a vintage program of interviews with women directors working in Hollywood and Europe in the early 1990s, exploring the opportunities and obstacles that face them.

Also available January 13 are a pair of Hong Kong martial arts films from director Huang Feng and ’70s action icon Angela Mao: Lady Whirlwind and Lady Kung Fu (both US/CA).

January 13 caps off with a smorgasbord Season of Ravenous Cannibals (UK/US/CA/IRE).

It looks like meat’s back on the menu! Fasten your napkin securely around your neck, sharpen your carving knife and take a nice big juicy bite out of this collection of cannibalistic flicks sure to fill any tummies rumbling for gore, savagery and man-eating mayhem!

Titles Include: Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, Trapped Alive, Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood.

On January 20, ARROW celebrates breakout directorial debuts with The First Time (UK/US/CA/IRE).

You never forget the first time, and you’ll never forget these first films from a host of legendary, cult and breakthrough directors.

Titles Include: A Ghost Waits, The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, Donnie Darko.

Also on January 20, take a look into the six decades of work of one of the most iconic actors of the twentieth century in Marlon Brando: Wild One (UK/IRE/US/CA).

An examination of the craft of Marlon Brando, narrated by professionals of the film industry. The film follows his career from the stage with “A Streetcar Named Desire”, through the Actors Studio and professional relationships with Elia Kazan and Stella Adler to Hollywood. An actor who redefined the limits to which a professional may go in becoming the character not only intellectually but emotionally, Brando changed the meaning of film acting.

The final Season of the month lands January 27The Lukas Moodysson Collection (UK/IRE/US/CA).

Available together for the first time, Moodysson’s eclectic filmography can now be appreciated as the work of a singular filmmaking voice, as avowedly uncompromising and unabashedly political as it is keenly observed, deeply felt and frequently hilarious.

Titles Include: Show Me Love (aka F*cking Amal), Together, Mammoth.

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