Armando Iannucci talks The Death of Stalin

Veep​ ​creator ​​chats​ ​about ​how he first discovered the graphic novel that inspired his new​ ​movie.

“Within minutes of starting to read the graphic novel, I knew I wanted to make the movie version.” – Armando Iannucci, writer/director

​July 25 sees the bookstore release of The Death of Stalin – ​the graphic novel​ ​​that​ ​inspired the new Armando Iannucci movie,​ ​which hits theate​r​s soon and includes an all-star cast – Steve Buscemi (Broadwalk Empire, Reservoir Dogs), Rupert Friend (Homeland),​ ​Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter), Simon Russell Beale (Penny Dreadful)​ ​and Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent, Arrested Development).

The Death of Stalin is a darkly comic tale about the power vacuum left behind by Stalin’s death.​ ​​ When the leader of the Soviet Union,​ ​Joseph Stalin, has a stroke – the political gears begin to turn,​ ​plunging the super-state into darkness, uncertainty and near civil​ ​war. The struggle for supreme power will determine the fate​ ​of the nation and of the​ ​world. And it all really happened.​

In this​ ​​special ​advance interview ahead of​ ​​the graphic novel​ ​release,​ ​Veep​ ​creator ​​and the writer/director of The Death of Stalin movie​ ​chats​ ​about ​how he first discovered the graphic novel that inspired his new​ ​movie, the changes he had to make from printed page to​ ​celluloid screed, and if he had any of the actors in mind whilst reading the graphic novel.

​Check out this video interview:

❉ ‘The Death of Stalin’ graphic novel (Writer: Fabien Nury, Artist: Thierry Robin) is published by Titan Comics and is released in bookshops on 25 July 25, 2017.

News source: Titan Comics @comicstitan

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