‘Anoraks’ Series Two: Indiegogo Campaign

❉ The web-based sitcom is actively seeking backers for its new series!

Meet the Anoraks: Andreas Constantinou, Lorna Prichard and Brian Smith.

We Are Cult readers may be familiar from our previous coverage with web-based sitcom series Anoraks – a comedy web series that takes a warm and affectionate look at the weird world of fandom. In the words of creator Darren Floyd: “The idea for ‘Anoraks’ came from seeing S-F and Doctor Who fans portrayed in the media. Inevitably we’d be dressed long scarfs or some other costume, be single and have the social graces of a sponge. While funny, the actual truth of being a fan is more complex, and far far funnier. ‘Anoraks’ is an affectionate look at a world within a world – a journey of three semi-self-aware fans and the affect their weird interest has on their lives and those of their partners.”

The first series of ten episodes centred around the lives of three well-seasoned Doctor Who/Science Fiction fans living in Cardiff, Wales. The show pokes affectionate fun at what it means to be a fan, to have what outsiders would call “peculiar interests and habits”, and how those interests impact their relationships, their rivalries and their heart-breaks.

Meet the Anoraks: Andreas Constantinou, Lorna Prichard and Brian Smith.

When the last two episodes of Anoraks series one appeared online in December 2017, it was the conclusion of a two-year rollercoaster ride from script to screen, attracting a cult following of its own.

Promising to offer a more expansive, inclusive eye-view of fandom, and with a greater supporting cast, Series Two will see new Anorak, comedian Lorna Prichard, joining Rob (Brian Smith) and Mike (Andreas Constantinou), and a new Indiegogo campaign has just been launched to help raise the necessary funds to see the series through to production!

Meet the Anoraks: Andreas Constantinou, Lorna Prichard and Brian Smith.

From the official Anoraks.tv website:

“Any money raised will go to directly towards paying the actors and production crew, location permits and fees, and also help us with a further publicity drive in the hopes of attracting potential future backers for our planned third series.

As a thank you for contributing to our campaign, we are offering a choice of perks, from T-shirts and signed prints of Series Two, to badges, magnets, and a specially commissioned Chris Achilléos print from Series One. Also on offer are exclusive DVDs, and the chance to be in an Anoraks episode either as a background extra, or with a speaking role!

​You will also get the opportunity to join us for the very first Anoraks celebration event, NerdFest 2018, which will be held on December 1st in Cardiff. Details of the one-day mini-con will be released soon, but we can tell you that we will also be filming two episodes during the day!

​So, please donate to our campaign.

You won’t be sorry you did!”

❉ To find out everything about the campaign, including perks and production costs, visit the official Indiegogo campaign page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/anoraks-series-two#/wearecult

Check out the trailer promoting the campaign and enter the world of the Anoraks:

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