‘Anoraks’ is now online!

❉ You can now watch the web-based sitcom ‘Anoraks’ online!


You may remember We Are Cult telling you about ‘Anoraks’, a web-based sitcom series about three well-seasoned Doctor Who/SF fans living in Cardiff.

In the words of creator/head writer Darren Floyd:

‘Anoraks’ is an affectionate look at a world within a world – a journey of three semi-self-aware fans and the affect their weird interest has on their lives and those of their partners.

This is meant to be a warm tribute to fandom in all of it’s colours – “from fans, to fans”. As one of our characters says, “Everyone’s a fan of something”, and that is true, whether it’s sport, model cars or stamp collecting. This leaves lot of room for comedy gold about men and all their weird hobbies!

Last Wednesday – November 23, the good Doctor’s birthday – anorakstv.com started publishing a new episode of ‘Anoraks’ every week, and the first three episodes are now live on the Anoraks website!

In the first instalment of the series, the guys discuss an upcoming convention and what, in their collective opinion, defines a “true fan”.

Episode Two, ‘A Deadly Kind Of Passion’, sees burning questions – the best James Bond and most “shaggable” Doctor Who companion – get addressed…

Episode 3, ‘Assignment Fear!’, introduces Rachel, Damien’s long suffering partner played by Abbie Hirst.

Episode Four will go live on 5 December. Stay tuned *JN-T ‘point’*

❉ Visit http://www.anorakstv.com/ for an affectionate look at the crazy world of Doctor Who fandom, quizzes, games, merch, and news.

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