Announcing ‘Our Lady Of Hate: The Short Stories Of Catherine Lord’

❉ 21 stories by a ‘lost’ female Victorian author, reprinted for the first time since her death.

In a remarkable feat of research, British Fantasy Award-winning editor Johnny Mains presents a fully formed Victorian author who had remained hidden in periodical magazines and newspapers of the time. Catherine Lord (1845-1901) wrote as Lucy Hardy and became a well-known and respected author, published in Argosy, The Sunday Magazine, Belgravia and The Sketch amongst many others.

For the very first time here is a collection of twenty-one short stories of ghosts, passion, betrayal, home invasion and heroic donkeys.

Her stories have not been reprinted since 1901. Catherine Lord is a unique and exceptional discovery and Noose & Gibbet Publishing are proud to present Our Lady Of Hate: The Short Stories Of Catherine Lord.

In his introduction, Johnny Mains writes:

“It is with great pride that I offer this, Catherine Lord’s debut collection of short stories, published 119 years after her death. Whilst this collection isn’t fully genre, there’s enough stories of this flavour to whet your supernatural whistle. It’s a very rare occasion to find such a trove of tales from a fully-formed and exciting author who has been hiding in plain sight for well over a century. I hope that you enjoy this volume and spread the word and the worlds of a true Victorian author who encapsulates the very best of pure literary entertainment.”

In early 2016, Mains uncovered a short story from 1894 called ‘Grannie’s Ghost Story’ by Lucy Hardy. He reprinted it in An Obscurity of Ghosts: Further Tales of the Supernatural by Women, 1876 – 1903, however, he he was unable to find anything about the author, but recognised the tale as a remarkable example of Victorian ghost fiction and was determined to discover more about her.

Mains uncovered an author whose life was scarred by tragedy and only wrote professionally for nine years before dying in 1901.

Seven of the stories will be of interest to lovers of the supernatural; indeed Lord name-checks several contemporary authors within her stories; other tales are replete with the nefarious deeds of con-men, poisoners, puzzlers… and those who come back from the dead. This is guaranteed to be an extraordinary collection from an extraordinary woman.

❉ Edited By Johnny Mains, ‘Our Lady Of Hate: The Short Stories Of Catherine Lord’ will be published by Noose & Gibbet Publishing, 2020. Artwork by Lucy Pass. To pre-order the book, contact via email

❉ News source: Johnny Mains.

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