Who’s Next? Dream picks for the next Doctor Who

It’s fantasy casting time again, and yes, The Doctor could be a woman or a person of colour – get over it!

Well, we all thought it was coming but that hasn’t lessened the shock of hearing that Peter Capaldi is leaving as Doctor Who. I for one am sad to hear that the Twelfth Doctor won’t be receiving a reboot from Chris ‘Chibbers’ Chibnall but I won’t go in to why as it’s all *stand by for all shameless plug* in my ‘How to Reboot Doctor Who’ article, where I express my feelings on how P-Cap’s Doctor has been wasted under Moffatt and where they could and should have gone with his character.

So, from the point of view of nothing but a dedicated Whooligan (like a Whovian, only a Whooligan will deck you and your mother for calling the Console Room the “Desktop Theme”) here are my ten dream (but also realistic) picks for the thirteenth Doctor! 

Ray Panthaki

Number one on my list is in fact my number one pick to play The Doctor, and has been my number one choice since Eccleston announced he was leaving in early 2005.

BAFTA Breakthrough Brit Panthaki has a pedigree of experience in film, television, soap opera, theatre, production and writing… Sound familiar? These are the same traits of experience previous Doctors have been cast for, including Capaldi.

An energetic performer, he’s diverse in his style of acting and although primarily seen in serious roles, has a screen presence and natural boyish charm perfect for the eccentric Gallifreyan.

You will have most likely seen Ray in ‘EastEnders’ as Ronny and ‘28 Days Later’ as Private Bedford opposite Christopher Eccleston.

Zawe Ashton

Yes, The Doctor could be a woman, get over it; and what a woman Zawe Ashton would be in that role. Strong, fierce, funny and heart-breaking, and that’s all in one episode of ‘Fresh Meat’ as the brilliantly-written and -casted character of Vod. I’ve often thought about Miss Ashton as The Doctor and could picture her with a young couple of companions a la Amy and Rory.

Miranda Richardson

Richardson has popped up a few times when the idea of a female Doctor has been bashed about the tabloids. With a proven track record as a comedy actress turned multi award-winning star of epic dramas, the actress currently featuring in Netflix’s ‘iBoy’ is more than qualified for the role.

Samantha Womack

Currently taking a bit of a break from acting following death by drowning in ‘stenders, sci-fi family drama would be a move into new territory for Sam Womack and a move I’d definitely like to see. The character of Roni Mitchell was an interesting one, being one of the strongest women to appear in the soap’s long history as well as being subject to some harrowing and traumatising events.

Her character developed from an Ibiza party-girl to tragic woman with a dark past, pulled-off every step and every episode by Womack… and who else is more tragic and with a haunted past than The Doctor!  And, of course, the journey from Walford to the vortex and back has already been made by the likes of Louise Jameson, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Jo Joyner…

Rory Kinnear

I bloody love classically trained actor Rory Kinnear. As with the likes of Gary Oldman, he’s one of those actors who have appeared in some fantastic movies and dramas although you have the feeling he’s never noticed in the streets or bombarded for selfies… No wait, that sounds offensive – but what I mean is he’s such a talented, naturalistic, actor that he comes across as your average guy, making him relatable and empathetic in almost everything he’s done.  You know who else was a bit like that before he became a mega-star? Benedict Cumberbatch. The role of Doctor Who could give this Shakespearean actor (and an Olivier-winning one at that!) the mainstream following he deserves. 

Chris O’Dowd

I think it’s obvious now that English Doctors are sooo passé! We’ve had 3 Scots so why not a Paddy?

Another actor with that important attribute of being successful in both comedy and serious television and cinema, Chris O’Dowd has been away from our TV screens for too long, and the energy he would bring to the role would be just what the new era of the show needs.

Anna Friel

Now, I do feel that regardless of gender, the new Doctor is going to be a young ‘un, which is a bit of a shame as if they were to bring in a female Doctor, I would like to see a more mature actress take on the role, as I do worry that a show that hasn’t always been good to its female characters in recent years would utterly ruin a young female Doctor, and not in the way I would ‘ruin’ a young female Doctor. Make her take selfies or have a catchphrase of “Fit aliens” or something horrendous like that… But Anna Friel would be a great choice with her Kate-Bush like eccentricity when being comedic – and we all know Bush wrote ‘Kinda’, yes?

Ben Whishaw

*Sigh* Well I had to put at least one of the usual suspects in didn’t I? Currently one of the bookies favourites, but probably too famous and focused on movies to take on the role; Whishaw is without a doubt one of the best actors this country has produced. He would be an incredible Doctor, and rocket the show to some insane heights. Would he stay longer than one series and take a more quiet approach behind the scenes? Probably not, but what a series it would be.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

If you were gullible enough to read the other Series 11 article I pathetically plugged at the beginning of this list, you’ll know exactly why I rate this man. Currently my pick to be the next companion, any of you who have seen how this guy dresses and talks in real life will see that this rather eccentric young man is half-way towards the Thirteenth Doctor as it is.

Paterson Joseph


Seriously, since 2005 he’s topped as the bookies favourite and it’s just never happened for the RSC veteran. Every time a Doctor steps down he must think “Oh, here we go again” so for once, let’s give him the damn role! Fact! After the casting of Doc 11 – Matt Smith – was announced, Joseph coyly admitted that there was “some truth” in the rumour that he was in the running.

But please have him play the Doctor as Alan Johnson from Peep Show!

So there we go, ten potential Doctors in no particular order… Well, other than Ray of course! G’wan, son!

But what do you lot think? Have you already decided who you’d like to see get their hands on those set of TARDIS keys? Is it time for a woman or person of colour to break the cycle of the previous twelve white males? Or is that thought process political correctness gone as mad as Morbius?

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  1. Tamsin Grieg if it’s going to be a female Doctor. She’d be wonderfully unpredictable and alien and funny.

    I think I’d go with Adrian Lester or Damien Molony for a male Doctor. Both would give us a great Doctor.

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