‘Songbird’ Movie booster campaign on LiveTree

✻ Brit indie flick Songbird is a modern day folk-horror fairy tale.

Last September, We Are Cult told you about Brit indie flick Songbird, a modern day folk-horror fairy tale shot in August of last year, in an interview with multi-award-winning British screenwriter Tommy Draper (Pro Kopf, Stop/Eject, Wasteland).

Songbird’s production team, Triskelle Pictures, a collective of filmmakers based in the Midlands, have now launched a new campaign to try and add some booster funds into the film’s post-production and festival run. As part of the new campaign, they have recently launched a new official trailer and poster, seen below.

Songbird is, at its core, a Fairy Tale. In true fairy tale tradition, it has magic, adventure, peril, a villain, and a heroine. Unlike most fairy tales however, it begins at an open mic night in a 21st century bar. Magic enters the real world, prompting a shy young singer to deal with her insecurities. She has to find her voice in more ways than one.

Jennifer (Janet Devlin, who rose to fame as a singer/songwriter after appearing on ITV’s The X Factor) is the titular songbird, and she must journey to regain her voice, stolen by an ancient creature known only as The Collector…

Songbird’s official poster, designed by Elly Lucas Photography featuring photography by Ellie Victoria Gale Photographer.

The new campaign aims to help make the final film look the best it possibly can be – visual effects and a professional colour grade, etc. – and get Songbird seen by as many people as possible: The extra boost of funding will help with a festival campaign and to get a festival doctor on board, to increase the film’s chances of being accepted into the films the producers can send it to.

✻ Here’s a link to the campaign: https://secure.livetree.com/#!/item/livetree/5757. The full list of rewards available and their prices are available on this campaign page.

✻ You can find out more about the project and the team behind it over on Triskelle Pictures’ website: www.triskellepictures.co.uk

✻ More information and visuals can be found via Triskelle Pictures’ Facebook page: www.facebook.com/triskellepictures

✻  In case you missed it, here’s our interview with the film’s writer, Tommy Draper: https://wearecult.rocks/songbird-folk-horror-with-a-modern-twist

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