Halloween Vintage Horror Fest on Talking Pictures TV

❉ Talking Pictures TV have just released a promo for their Vintage Horror Fest Day on Monday 31 October.

Read on after the video for full schedule.

Here’s the full schedule for Vintage Horror Fest Day on Monday 31 October:

6:00 ‘Greed of William Hart’ (1950). Horror. Directed by Oswald Mitchell and screenplay by John Gilling. Set in Edinburgh in the 1800s and starring Tod Slaughter as William Hart the infamous grave robber.

7:30 ‘Stagecoach West: The Orphans’. Wayne Rogers & Robert Bray run a stagecoach line in the Old West, where they come across a wide variety of killers, robbers and ladies in distress. (S1, E34)

8:30 ‘Lady Beware’ (1932). The Master of the manor leaves his estate to a mysterious 13th guest at a dinner party but the guest doesn’t turn up. Stars Ginger Rogers & Lyle Talbot.

9:50 ‘The Search For Haunted Hollywood’ (1989). Factual. Stars John Davidson, Patrick Macnee & Harry Blackstone Jr. A fascinating, entertaining and star-studded look at the spooky side of tinsel town.

11:35 ‘Haunted Palace’ (1949). Directed by Richard Fisher. This short film documentary features Shaw Desmond, founder of the International Institute for Psychical Research. Shaw relates several famous British hauntings.

12:10 ‘Ghosts on the Loose’ (1943). Comedy. Stars Bela Lugosi & Ava Gardner. The East Side Kids try to fix up a house for newlyweds, but find the place next door haunted” by mysterious men.”

13:30 ‘Colonel March of Scotland Yard: The New Invisible Man’. (1956). Stars Boris Karloff, Ewan Roberts & Eric Pohlmann. Colonel March receives a queer complaint that a pair of disembodied gloves killed a man (S1, E25)

14:00 ‘Patricia Dainton Presents… House in Marsh Road’. Exclusive interviews with Patricia Dainton who discusses her time on this film and her career in general. (S1, E7)

14:05 ‘The House In Marsh Road’ (1960). Horror directed By Montgomery Tully and starring Patricia Dainton, Sam Kydd and Sandra Dorne. Jean is left a house and hopes it will be the fresh start they need but the house has other ideas.

15:30 ‘Patricia Dainton Presents… Outro’. Thank you for watching from Patricia Dainton who wishes us a fond farewell and looks back on her life in film (S1, E8)

15:35 ‘BFI: Cross-Roads’ (1955). Thriller. Directed by John Fitchen. A highly effective gothic thriller featuring Christopher Lee in what was his first ever supernatural performance. Also stars Ferdy Mayne.

16:00 ‘Who was Old Mother Riley?’ A short insight into the Great Arthur Lucan and his hilarious character of Old Mother Riley with his wife Kitty McShane.

16:10 ‘Old Mother Riley Meets The Vampire’ (1952). Comedy. A mad scientist known as ‘The Vampire’ (Bela Lugosi) comes to England to further his evil plans. Starring Arthur Lucan and Dora Bryan.

17:35 ‘Bela Lugosi’. A short insight into his career, who found fame playing Dracula on Broadway for 3 years and was laid to rest in his full Dracula costume and cape.

17:45 ‘BFI: Lock Your Door’ (1949). Thriller. Directed by Anthony Gilkison. Algernon Blackwood tells his gothic story, from the series ‘A Strange Experience’.

19:00 ‘Blood Of The Vampire’ (1958). Horror directed by Henry Cass and starring Sir Donald Wolfit. In the late 19th Century, the anaemic Dr Callistratus is the governor of a brutal penal institution in a remote castle.

20:40 ‘Carnival of Souls’ (1962). Horror. Stars Candace Hilligoss, & Frances Feist. After surviving a car accident, Mary takes a job as an church organist, but is interrupted by visions of a fiendish man.

22:15 ‘Frightmare’ (1974). Horror. Director: Peter Walker. Stars Rupert Davies, Sheila Keith, Deborah Faifax & Paul Greenwood. Two cannibals are released from an asylum, but have they been entirely reformed?

0:00 ‘At Twelve Midnight’ (1934). Drama. Directed by Melville Delay. Stars Montague Love, Lucille Powers & Charles Hutchison. Ghostly goings-on at twelve midnight, showing one of Charles Hutchisons famous bike stunts.

1:15 ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ (1960). Horror. Director: Roger Corman. Stars Jack Nicholson, Dick Miller, Jackie Joseph & Meri Welles. After Seymour creates a new plant species, the plant begins to speak and now demands human flesh.

2:50 ‘Black Torment’ (1964). Horror. Stars Heather Sears, Peter Arne & Raymond Huntley. A Lord returns to his manor with his new bride, but rumour has it he has already returned in secret and murdered several innocents.

4:35 ‘The Face at the Window’ (1939). Horror. Directed by George King. Stars Tod Slaughter, Marjorie Taylor & John Warwick. A series of grisly murders in nineteenth century France are attributed to a wolf-man.

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