Fighting Fantasy – Audio Drama

A brand new audio drama range, based upon the ‘Fighting Fantasy’ gamebooks range.

Long before Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, there was another fantasy series that seized the imagination of an entire generation. For the some, the mere mention of titles such as Deathtrap Dungeon, The House of Hell or The Warlock of Firetop Mountain will bring back a flood of memories… and quite possibly a shiver to the spine!

This year is the Thirty-Fifth anniversary of “Fighting Fantasy” gamebook series. It has already seen the successful relaunch of the original books, a brand new title, plus the release of Fighting Fantasy Legends and Titan’s fantastic Freeway Fighter comic. Now, it is finally getting brought to life, as a full-cast audio drama.

“The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: The Hero’s Quest” is a 60 minute, full-cast, audio drama inspired by the very first gamebook in the Fighting Fantasy range.

This brand new audio drama is being produced by Fox Yason productions, whose previous post-production credits include: Warhammer, Stargate, Robin Hood, Terrahawks, The Avengers, plus over forty titles in Big Finish’s Doctor Who range.

The Warlock is played by Toby Longworth, probably best known for being the voice of Judge Dredd in numerous productions, or for his voice roles in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

The heroine, Vale Moonwing, is played by Rachel Atkins; best known for her voice work on computers games franchises such as Final Fantasy, Broken Sword, Dragon Age and Warhammer.

The hero, Cassius Stormblade, is played by Tim Treloar; probably best known for playing the third Doctor in Big Finish’s Doctor Who range.

“We had one key rule when producing this drama,” explains writer David N. Smith. “We wanted to be absolutely faithful to all of the original characters and creations, but not spoil the gameplay of the original book for anyone who reads it afterwards. You’ll therefore encounter lots of familiar characters, such as the Warlock, The Ferryman, The Minotaur, The Orc Chieftain and a pair of daring adventurers…   but often in a slightly new and unexpected ways. Simply put, our goal was to bring the fantasy world we loved to life, with a new – but very familiar – adventure story.”

“The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: The Hero’s Quest” is available now. The Limited Edition CD and Downloads can be purchased at:

For further updates on the project, you can follow the production team on facebook

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