Selfie-Obsessed: EMT – ‘Diva’ reviewed

❉ “Hey hey, look at me, I’m a 24 hour celebrity!” Electro duo EMT’s new single reviewed.

London-based electro duo EMT have released their latest single Diva, taking their influences from the the fakery of social media platforms such as Instagram, reality TV ‘stars’, and selfie-centred, self-obsessed, pseudo-celebrity that such outlets have spawned into our collective consciousness, like it or not.

EmT are Ema Walter on vocals and Tony Blue on electronica  Their band name is a combination of their first names, which also succinctly sums up the partnership between the pair. Their songwriting process is equally democratic and, although singer Ema tends to be the lyricist and Tony the chief knob twiddler and programmer, they both equally venture into all aspects of their songs’ creation. EMT have established a firm fanbase with their particular brand of upbeat synthpop with singles like Regret, Walk Away, and Disciples. Their album Resolute was released three years ago to critical acclaim.

The song is produced and mastered by Tim Dorney (Republica, Flowered Up) who EmT regularly collaborate with. The song also features guitar by Pete Steer (Tenek, Sinestar, Tin Gun) who says, “Tony asked if I could ‘bring some funk’ to the track and I tried to channel a Nile Rodgers style vibe. It’s a great track and was an absolute pleasure to be involved. Always fun to work with Tim Dorney too!”

The video features Ema proclaiming “Hey hey, look at me, I’m a 24 hour celebrity!” and perfectly encapsulates the ethos of the ‘me-culture’ that has emerged within a certain element of the online community. Diva holds a mirror up to this the concept of self-promotion and encapsulates it perfectly within a 3-minute funky synthpop song.

The “OK Hun?” remix has been completed by Nik Hodges (Psykelectric) and will be released in a few weeks time, as a follow-up to the regular mix of the song. EMT are currently working on a new album, the title of which is yet to be announced.

❉ ‘DIVA’ by EMT is available on all download sites from 28 August 2020 via AWAL to. To find out more about the band, visit their website or visit their Facebook page.

 Ange Chan is a freelance writer, having produced two novels and six volumes of poetry.  She was also prolific contributor in the anthology collection Me and the Starman (now available by Cult Ink on Amazon) and is a lifelong lover of music, having first been published in the 1980s music press. As well as being a frequent contributor to the pop culture website We Are Cult, she is working on her long-standing third novel Champagne Flutes and Pixie Boots.

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