Doctor Who – ‘Seasons Of War’ special limited edition paperback

❉ News and info on the new final limited edition of the acclaimed unofficial Doctor Who charity anthology.


‘Seasons Of War – Tales From A Time War’ edited by Declan May was initially released as an e-book on 30 January 2015, available via a page, raising money for the charity Caudwell Children.  The ebook raised £8000 for the charity, and in July 2016, a limited edition paperback, published by Chinbeard Books, was made available for pre-order for one month only.  Again, all the money raised from the purchase of the paperback went to Caudwell Children.

However, due to public demand, editor Declan May and the publisher Chinbeard Books (run by Barnaby Eaton-Jones) decided, one last time in order to respond to the increased demand and, more importantly, raise even more money for Caudwell Children, a revised and expanded version of Seasons Of War, including extra content, available for pre-order for 2 weeks only, commencing 1 January, 2017.

Editor Declan May told We Are Cult’s James Gent:

The new edition includes at least 3 more stories, including a brand new story by Doctor Who writer extraordinaire Gary Russell, as well as the War Doctor-to-Ninth Doctor regeneration story – a coda to the anthology that was released separately online in 2015 – ‘Rise/Risen’, as well as a another story adding a new layer to the War Doctor’s exploits during the Time War the details of which, at the time of writing, we can’t reveal just yet.

This re-release is definitively the final time Seasons Of War will be made available and, once the pre-order window closes, that’s it forever.  There will be no further releases of Seasons Of War in any form, either in ebook or paperback version – the ebook itself is now no longer available and we expect the paperback to sell-out very quickly.

Above all, with Seasons Of War, we hope to raise as much money as possible for Caudwell Children and, should anybody be interested in the work done by the charity, please visit their website

The final limited edition paperback of ‘Seasons Of War – Tales From A Time War’ is available to pre-order from for £15.99, for 2 weeks commencing 01/01/2017.

 For more information visit the Seasons Of War Facebook page and the Chinbeard Books website.

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