Colin Baker Joins Baker’s End!

❉ Colin Baker joins Katy Manning and Susan Jameson in new series of the award-winning ‘Baker’s End’!

 “It’s been some time since the master of Baker’s End went charging into an infernoing tower. Since then he’s been lying swathed in bandages in the cottage hospital, tended by the rather mannish Sister Timperly.

 But the village of Happenstance has never needed the King of Cats more. A virulent plague is running rampant through the village, giant rats have been spotted in the undergrowth and pretty soon people are dropping dead in the night.

 And then… there’s Titts. Derek Titts. Bestselling novelist and monster-hunter supreme. You don’t want to go messing with Titts and his deadly arsenal, but Vivienne Frimbly is strangely drawn…

What is Sister Timperley’s dreadful secret? Is Titts all he seems? What’s wrong with the Reverend Ailing? And can the King of Cats sproing back to life in time to save all our friends..?”

Colin Baker, best known for playing the sixth incarnation of Doctor Who, has joined the cast of the award-winning audio drama series Baker’s End.

The first series of Baker’s End starred acting legend Tom Baker as a fictionalised version of himself, who fakes his own death and returns to fight such terrible foes as Klacky the Dragon, the Sinister Presence and the Queen of Hell, all the while dressed as a giant cat. The third episode,Tatty Bogle, climaxed with Tom Baker running into a blazing Book Tower, to save his magical library.

All looked bleak… but the King of Cats has nine lives! Now Colin Baker is stepping into the giant cat costume for a fourth adventure, The Happenstance Pox.

Writer Paul Magrs says: “Welcome to Happenstance, Colin Baker! How fantastic it was to see this wonderful actor relish the opportunity to do something that’s just unbridled silliness from beginning to end; to hear him relish the tongue twisters and florid nonsense of my dialogue; and to watch him leap unbounded into all the naughtiness. And how well he fitted in with our leading ladies – Sue and Katy – who welcomed him gleefully into our lovely gang.”

Colin Baker adds: “I’ve known Paul Magrs on and off in various guises over the years, and he’s a very clever writer, so I was very happy to join Baker’s End. There are goblins and vampires and hideous deaths; it’s a piece of wild, extravagant, humorous fantasy. It’s Pratchett meets Lewis Carroll. And it’s also all about language, and I’m a lover of words. I’m a philologist, and also a bit of a grammar Nazi!”

❉ Baker’s End: The Happenstance Pox stars Colin Baker, Katy Manning and Susan Jameson, alongside Alastair Petrie (Rogue One, Utopia) and Margaret Cabourn-Smith (Miranda, John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme). It will be released on CD and download on October 6th 2017, and will be available from or Amazon.

 News source: Bafflegab Productions

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