Koch Media Presents ‘Blake’s Seven: Seven Stars Liberated from the Classic TV Series!’

❉ Two-disc special edition DVD in celebration of its 40th Anniversary – available now for pre-order from Amazon!

In celebration of its 40th Anniversary, this is the definitive set of interviews with six of the team of actors who brought BLAKE’S 7 to life … plus a bonus interview with SFX creator Mat Irvine.

These seven documentaries are the best in-depth interviews with Gareth Thomas (Blake), Jan Chappell (Cally), Michael Keating (Vila), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), Stephen Greif (Travis), Peter Tuddenham (Zen, Orac & Slave) and Mat Irvine (SFX) ever undertaken.



This fascinating set of interviews is a visual and factual treat, with many of the interviews shot on locations used in the programme. From country estates to quarries – you’ll get to see how and where the series was filmed and with ORAC, a sprinkling of Federation Troopers and teleportation bracelets too, there’s also a few laughs in store…

For all BLAKE’S 7 fans, this two disc special collector’s edition is 6 hours of pure nostalgia, which will give you a whole new insight into the making of your favourite science fiction series. With a new introduction by Interviewer and Presenter Nicholas Briggs and Producer Keith Barnfather.

❉ Koch Media Presents Blake’s Seven: Seven Stars Liberated from the Classic TV Series! on 2-disc DVD from 3rd September 2018

❉ Amazon: https://amzn.to/2uw6XPh

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