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A TV and Film distribution company operating in the UK, USA and Australia, Fabulous Films holds the distribution rights to many Classic Films and TV shows.

Home of Iris Wildthyme, Black and Silver Archives, Faction Paradox, the City of the Saved and Sexton Blake!

Audio production company producing original drama who productions include the award-winning Baker’s End, a comedy drama series starring Tom Baker and Colin Baker (as themselves); The Scarifyers, tales of comedic supernatural intrigue set in 1930s Britain (as heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra); Hammer Chillers, a horror anthology series produced in collaboration with Hammer Films; and The Brenda and Effie Mysteries (winner of the New York Radio Award 2015 for Best Audiobook).

Diteli Records are the producers of Decades, a collaboration between singer/songwriter David Palfreyman and writer/actor Nicholas Pegg. Decades is available now. Click here to buy.

Art & Hue produces a large collection of stylish pop art prints on various themes including the 1960s, cult film & TV, in collaboration with Studiocanal, ITV Studios, Renown Pictures, Rex Features/Shutterstock, and the estate of John Stephen.

The sole publisher for the works of genre movie legend Michael Armstrong (Mark Of The Devil, Eskimo Nell).

The UK’s foremost specialist genre publisher of horror, fantasy, crime, speculative and science fiction. Signup for the latest news and special offers!

What is WE ARE CULT?

We Are Cult is the website devoted to all things cult.

But, you ask, what is cult? That’s for you to decide. We go for the things that have fans – not just “oh, yeah, I quite like that” fans. Fans meaning fanatics. You’re into obscure movies that only you have seen (you’ve seen The Mad Doctor of Blood Island, of course). You’re into world-dominating programmes like Doctor Who. You’re the only person who has heard of Barış Manço, and you’re also one of the millions who love David Bowie.

Your fandom is embraced by the world. Or only by you. Well, only by you and us. We’re here for you. You are not alone. Together, you and We Are Cult, fighting for the great and the ghastly, the common and the uncommon.

We’ve got features direct from the makers of cult books, programmes and films. We’ve got reviews of the new stuff you won’t want to miss, written by people just like you (Yes! There are people just like you!). We love the music you love. We love the podcasts you love. We love the DVDs you love. Because we are you. We Are Cult. And so are you.

Join us.