The Truth – ‘Keep On Keeping On’ EP

❉ A fine return to form for the Legendary Mod band.

Quadrophenia. The decadent decay of youth. The deluge of adolescent angst. The dying words of a rocker’s three chord lullaby. For Pete Townshend, the film represented a visual medium for his innermost, most personal work. For director Franc Roddam, the film celebrated the pulsating energy he lived in sixties Britain. Together, they made a powerful portraiture celebrative, yet commemorative, of a movement. Forty years after, the Mod movement still punches for that aspirational cheer. What better way to reflect than to listen to this brand new E.P.?

As much a celebration with Quadrophenia, it doubles as the thirtieth anniversary of the band’s break-up. The Truth released debut album Playground, a fiery debut cementingg a strong cult following in the UK. This was followed by Weapons Of Love, which introduced them to a US audience,  before pulling the curtain down on Jump, the group’s last album before breaking up in 1989. Returning to the live scene, they supported Bruce Foxton’s From The Jam, reigniting their status as thumping soul rockers.

Opening track Keep On Keeping On proves a love letter to the tie wearing, Soul swearing group. “The Northern soul moto and is testament to all the generations of mods keeping the faith, the style and the attitude,” says Dennis Greaves, vocalist and band songwriter. “We wanted to write a song that salutes this and a song every mod can relate to.” Punchy, upbeat, swaggering, the song has a ropey production, but drives with an excitement enhanced by the enthusiastic topic matter.

Life Through A Glass closes the E.P. on a more sombre note, echoes of Rod Stewart’s Every Picture Tells A Story chiming through an acoustic stapled backdrop. “Time’s moving too fast for me” they sing, knowingly acknowledging that the E.P.’s strongest tracks are those the band have re-recorded from their eighties setlist.

Following on from the wave The Jam left the world in 1982, The Truth released their seminal single ‘Confusion (Hits Us Everytime)’, a soulful alt/pop track that they performed on Top Of The Pops. Thirty-seven years later, this drum heavy cover echoes the essentiality a live performance benefits a thriving mod band. Northern pop piece  A Step In The Right Direction is better still, a compilation of vocals interweaving the essences Paul’s Weller and Carrack sing on their soul rock tracks. Organ led, the louche lounger punches in its groove centred melody, a magical moment impossible not to dance to.  It’s Wham, Tracey Ullman, Style Council and Mike and The Mechanics at their mid-eighties fringe combing, air punching, best.

It’s a fine return to form for a band who worked on the revolutionary revival scene, readying their riff covered songs for an audience who wished to go out singing and dancing.“The Truth have always been known to be a great live band” they write “ and we work hard to make sure Truth fans old and new won’t be disappointed!” All together now: They are the mods, they are the mods, they are, they are, they are the mods.

❉ The Truth released the ‘Keep On Keeping On’ EP on 23 May 2019 via Splangsongs. The full EP can be listened to Here.

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