Jon Lindsay – ‘Zebulon’ reviewed

The Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter delivers a song brimmed with joie de vivre,featuring Matt Douglas of The Mountain Goats.

“Let’s celebrate/my youngest daughter,/ she’s going away/big college girl/she’s gonna be/New York City”. An opening verse with the frisson rarely heard on the radio, soul enriched, yet written with only the melancholy a soul song can display, this is a George Harrison/Billy Preston standard for the twenty-first century. Later, he beams “he sees two boys/they’re holding hands”, a timely reminder that social equality denied itself from the lives of too many for far too long.

Complete with Phil Spector inspired Wall of Sound production (those Hal Blaine style drums and that ‘What Is Life’ tinted brass section are vintage Spector), this is the Brooklyn-based artist’s foray into the world of Spiritual Rock.

Jon Lindsay. Photo credit Colin Rich

Jon Lindsay delivers a song brimming with joie de vivre, infectious throughout the verses, ecstatic in the bridge, the pianos, guitars and production of the song all Lindsay’s doing. He’s also an adept bass player, bringing listeners to the Paul McCartney lines of Revolver.

The Mountain Goats’ Matt Douglas plays saxophones, a line of sixties instrumentation exhumed by one man (he is very, very good). But this is Lindsay’s record, singing of a man he describes as someone he “wanted to put a more three-dimensional character sketch together that got at the undercurrents of why this person felt like his whole world was getting away from him”.  There’s a power to Lindsay’s voice; he’s got Brandon Flowers’ swagger, but there’s a vulnerability to his voice too, if not the most technically adept, there’s a humanity to it. And this is may the best Spiritual Standard since Hozier’s Take Me To Church. 

‘Zebulon’ can be purchased via all the standard online stores and streaming platforms, and also can be ordered via Jon Lindsay’s Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Jon Lindsay’s 2018 tour schedule that kicks off February 10 at Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC with an expected album release later in 2018.

Image credits: © Jonny Ching, Colin Rich.

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