Bitch Falcon – new single ‘Of Heart’ reviewed

❉ Raw and ready, seductive and symmetrical…

“Regularly heralded as Dublin’s best live act” Louder Than War write, and there’s a tenacity and energy to this track to back this claim. Of Heart is a grunge stomper, driven by Bonham-like drums and Cerys Matthews-esque vocalising. This is a single that channels much of the best of Alice In Chains, twelve bar and hard and ready. Lead vocalist Lizzie Fitzpatrick certainly has ballast, ghostly through the coda, stoic in rock gargantuism in the verses.

Fitzpatrick, a fine guitar player, turns from a ferocious riff to a more melodic, seductive, more Jonny Greenwood-like part, vital and visceral in playing. Even better is the reverb veering from Barry O Sullivan’s bass part, one of the most innovative bass riffs since Adam Clayton’s pseudo-funk line on ‘Mysterious Ways’.  This track is raw, but it’s also indicative of that seventies Zeppelin sexiness. The band’s Facebook description “their signature sound always moving forward even when throwing a nod to the past” pretty spot on.

Of Heart is a fine rocker, the undoubted highlight of their Electric Picnic set, hypnotic in concert, enthralling on record.

There’s a hypnotism found in their music video, a crafty melange of camera angles and shots red and white. It has an art house look and feel in its editing styles, this is a torrent of naturalistic shots, embellished with edits raw and ready. Changing from live performance, to a plateau of actors staring esoterically, this has Kubrickian flavours to it, one of the stronger Irish music videos in a long time.

Raw and ready, seductive and symmetrical, this is a rock trio worth watching and listening.

❉ Available everywhere from Reckless Records. Listen on Soundcloud.
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